Sunday, May 25, 2014

Panic Spreads Among The Propagandista

On Friday, our own Jeff Simpson showed that Wisconsin Reporter was trying furiously to spin the latest Marquette Poll, which showed Mary Burke and Scott Walker to be in a straight up tie, as showing that Walker was somehow winning.  As Jeff showed, W.R. simply tried to redefine the word "dead heat" as meaning they were winning.

On Sunday, the propagandist Christian Schneider, fully ensconced in the corporate media giant Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, also caught on to the panic that is spreading among the right wing.  But instead of trying to spin the poll, Schneider decided to attack Burke directly:
According to the Marquette University poll released last week, 51% of Wisconsin residents either haven't heard enough about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke or don't know if they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of her. But even though Burke has been running for governor for eight months, the public's unfamiliarity with her is understandable: It is difficult to discern whether she is actually "there."

Early in her campaign, Burke said she would make no promises. This was clearly to separate herself from Gov. Scott Walker, who is certain to fall short of his 2010 promise to create 250,000 jobs in his first four years in office.

But in her zeal to avoid grand campaign commitments, Burke has twisted herself in knots to avoid taking positions on major issues. To posit herself as the anti-Walker, she answers questions on controversial issues with content-free paeans to "working together" and having "all options on the table," compared with Walker's hard-nosed stances on things such as public sector collective bargaining.
In other words, Schneider is complaining that Burke isn't opening the door for misogynists like him to attack her even more easily by making silly, grandiose promises. Ironically, Schneider contrasts Burke's ambiguity to Walker's stance on Act 10, something which Walker admitted, under oath before a congressional committee, that he never mentioned while campaigning.. However, Walker did tell the editorial boards of various papers that he was willing to work with the unions.  Hell

Apparently for Christian, it's OK to lie about one's stance on a position than it is to be vague about it. Then again, coming from Schneider, this really shouldn't surprise anyone.

Schneider also complains about Burke making statement about "working together," which goes along with Walker's abhorrence of bipartisanship.  Oddly, Schneider failed to mention how the New World Horror that he is a member of is failing in biblical proportions.

What is unintentionally hysterically funny is when one steps back and looks at what Schneider is actually saying in his column.

He is saying that Burke is a relative no-name, even after months of campaigning.  He also complains that it is allegedly difficult for someone to discern where Burke stands on almost any issue and when one can discern her position on an issue, it is usually the wrong one.

Yet, despite four years of constant propaganda from corporate media, propagandist front groups, squawk radio and paid bloggers on how wonderful our Dear Leader is and how well his agenda is working, Walker is somehow unable to be ahead of the unknown, ambiguous Burke.  In fact, Walker is losing ground in his own standings - even though he's never managed to get higher than 49% - and is now down to 46%.

It is no wonder that the right wing corporate special interests are so frantic to stop the John Doe investigations and to strike down campaign finance laws.  They will need to through every dollar they can into this race if they are to have a chance to succeed.

All that being said, I can't help but reflect on the fact that if Burke is giving Walker so much trouble now, if the Democrats had come up with a decent candidate, the only thing Walker would be doing now is sending his resumes to Koch Industries and the Bradley Foundation.


  1. Saying, " if the Democrats had come up with a decent candidate" is hardly helpful.

    1. I'm not a propagandist. She's not a very good choice and her campaign leaves a lot to be desired. That's just the truth of it.

    2. She's running neck-to-neck with walker, even though people are still getting to know her and walker's out-of-state contributors spent $1 million slamming her.

      Folks like you are going to lose this race -- no one is asking you to be a propagandist.

      But if walker is governor next year, folks like you will be a major reason why.

      Don't blame burke if your self-proclaimed "better" candidates were too chicken to throw their hats in the ring.

      barca is a joke -- and a coward. vinehout wouldn't wear seat belts and claims resulting injuries keep her from running -- poor excuse.

      So who is your "ideal" candidate?

      They alone are responsible for your whining about burke.

      And geoff is right -- it isn't helpful. walker will make the bomb he dropped in 2011 look like kiddie games when he "wins" in 2014 and an entirely republican legislature reconvenes.

      You'd love to gloat and proclaim, "I told you so".

      But the fact is, you are going to make it all happen.

    3. I got news for you. Those bombs are coming whether Walker wins or loses. Remember Michigan? If Walker loses, look for a special lame duck session with all sorts of bombs being dropped.

      And yes, I'm responsible for Burke hiring sketchy and incompetent staff. I'm responsible for her coming out against public sector workers. I'm responsible for her taking a corporate approach to jobs.

      Your accusations are as foolish as Schneider's blabbering.

    4. Folks like you are going to lose this race -- no one is asking you to be a propagandist.>>>

      well you really are with that statement, if you are not enamored with a candidate or if a candidate hasnt earned your vote and you vehemntly support them because of a letter after their name that is being a propagandist. Not what we do here.

      Don't blame burke if your self-proclaimed "better" candidates were too chicken to throw their hats in the ring.____

      We see the disdain that hulsey is facing for getting in the race, dont you think everyone else knew that wascoming. No other candidate was allowed in so stop insulting our intelligence with that stupid talking point.

      But if walker is governor next year, folks like you will be a major reason why. -----

      This race will be won and lost by scott walker, so maybe we are responsible for him losting grounds because how many other places can you find out the BS he brings to our state? Not from the burke campaign, not from any major paper....

    5. tell me more about john doe and that dumpster full-o-fun.

      And enjoy walker's next 4 years -- morons like you don't realize that taking back the democratic party means we are going to have to get the state government out of the exclusive domain of repugs.

      We can work on everything else -- say what you want about burke or those of us that actually want to see walker out of office -- you posts over the years prove your an anti-social type that would rather scream, "SEE I TOLD YOU SO".

      Your heros were too damn chicken to even enter the race -- so call them out, not the person that actually entered the race and is in a statistical tie.

      You and jeff are like little babies -- but I guess your whining generates a lot of blog hits -- after all, what would you possibly blog about it you didn't have walker and the repugs?

    6. So you're celebrating that Walker is getting away with crimes now? This is why I don't care when you make your other crazy statements. You just want to hate and misspell words.

      And as for hits, it doesn't matter if we get a lot of hits or not, since we don't sell ad space. But the fact that we do have a good readership shows that not everyone is a sheeple, which I take to be very good news.

  2. One suspects that Koch industries and the Bradley foundation would find dear leader without merit and unsuitable for employment.

    1. are you kidding? he was successful in flippin' Wisconsin beyond their wildest dreams. He pulled off "divide and conquer" more successfully than anyone could have hoped for.

      He is more in-debt to them now than ever -- a dangerous politician now -- entirely beholden to out-of-state extremists.

      They will never throw him under the bus even when he is no longer useful -- would send the wrong message to their next tool.

  3. Scott Walker has been given every advantage--especially from a compliant, fawning media that would have him somehow be a presidential contender--and still he has never gotten over 49% approval ratings. A lot of his hype comes from people and places outside of Wisconsin.
    Burke and the DPW have done very little to promote her campaign, yet still she is basically tied with SKW.
    Considering Walker's atrocious performance on guiding Wisconsin's economy, the GOP has a lot to worry about. Walker's base is hardly representative of ordinary Wisconsinites.

    1. LOL

      jeff and capper now proclaim they are the only source of information! This despite the fact that each and every post is about something someone else has published somewhere!

      Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Well, capper did have some orginal fantasy posts during the initial round of john doe stuff -- all of it was wrong -- but at least he had some original stuff.

      Otherwise, nothing is every here that can't be picked up somewhere else.

      Your heros were too chicken to enter the race and brett hulsey was actually considering joining the GOP caucus -- so you want to hold him up without holding your nose?

      Keep slamming our only choice to unseat walker -- you are more-than-foolish to say "This race will be won and lost by scott walker"

      But the again, you are stoooopid enough to complain about burke instead of the fact no one else had the balls to get in the race.

      Stay home then, little boys, and hold your breath until you turn purple -- your blog is not that important nor doe you break news.

      But you do seek to keep people for voting for change -- so big of you, children.

    2. What are you, 12 years old? Even if your points have some merit, you're acting like a pathetic twerp who thinks this is some kind of game.

      You know kind of like GOP operatives such as Christian Schneider that have no noticeable talent other than relaying the talking points of people you work for

    3. I never said we were the ONLy source just that there are not many of us that are actually attacking Walker and his crew for how bad they are. Burke sure doesnt seem to be doing it.,

      I agree with Jake though, dont be shy and use your name,

      I think its great Burke is tied, but it speaks to Walkers weakness. As for blaming us if we lose, no thanks. I have had four years of a Governor who takes 100% credit for successes and 0% for problems.

  4. I'll stay away from the pie fight and ask a question on the topic of the post.

    Why does David Haynes continue to give column-inches to a transparent no-talent like Schneider? There's nothing in the First Amendment that requires them to run Schneider's crap, so why do they still do it? Who's making that call to keep printing Schneider? Haynes? Someone higher up the chain?

    They do know that their decision to become the Bradley Journal has made many people like me decide not to spend A DIME on that rag till they get something resembling reality on their pages, don't they?

    1. why don't you start slammin' the only way we can get walker out of office on your little blog too.

      This little circle-jerk reeks of arrogance and self-importance.

      The voters that will make a difference, even if it doesn't result in a perfect utopia of progressive uber-goodness don't read either CogDiz, your posts at kos, or the even-less viewed blog that you originally post them on.

      Wouldn't it be great if you were all, you know, really influential important journalists.


    2. And what are you doing, again? You don't even have the sack to put your name on your posts so we can see what your glowing record is.

      I'm guessing you're some GOP operative trying to be clever. And like most things GOP, it's not really working.

    3. Are you referring to the voters who can see your callous disregard for them?

      I can't help but notice in your entire trolling attack, you had nothing nice to say about Burke either. That's not how you sell someone.

  5. Focusing for a moment on Mr. Schneider, I for one, have now canceled my subscription to the MJS. It was long overdue. Mr. Schneider's lack of journalistic skills and a blatantly partisan approach to facts left us shaking our heads and wondering what has happened to "news" and fair and balanced editorial content. We are now using other news outlets to keep abreast of developments in Wisconsin. But the MJS is no longer on our radar. It's yellow journalism of the worst kind. I predict the MJS folds after the Presidential election of 2016 when political ads are no longer available to keep this rag (and it's become a rag, sadly) afloat.

    1. Which goes back to what I said earlier. Who gave a hack like Schneider a regular gig in what's supposed to be a legitimate newspaper? And why is he kept on after numerous instances of him embarrassing the J-S and throwing away any integrity it once had?

  6. Jake, I hate to make the answer to your question sound simplistic, but it kind of is. The JS is nothing but propaganda. View the last several Politfact supposed fact checks. They have really backed off of Walker and have started their attack on Burke. Walker could say we are in the month of October and they would find some truth in it. Who really owns the corporation which runs the JS?
    Another question I have is why are so many popular Democrats afraid of Walker? Do they all have things so shady in their past that a no holds barred campaign would ruin their life? Personally, I think Vinehout would win in a race against Walker. My guess is that fighting Walker would be like fighting Mike Tyson. You can beat him, but he'll bite your ear off in the process. Quite a dilemma. You have an immoral opponent who needs to go because another 4 years will destroy us, but since he is a dirty, rotten scoundrel, you can not fight him and come out the same human being. My guess is that is exactly what Burke is attempting to do. Beat the soulless Walker without selling her soul.

    1. I know the J-S is a rag, but it amazes me that no one with a semblance of self-respect stands up and says "People hate our product and don't find us credible, let's clean it up." Apparently they're just that weak and paid off at 4th and State.

      I don't think Burke has to get bloody as much as other Dems need to be putting on the brass knuckles and putting a staggering Walker away with haymakers. Sort of a "good cop, bad cop" thing, like Walker does with the JournalComm hacks like Schneider and Sykes.

  7. Can't all you tolerant liberals get along for a bit? And I find it funny that you call out the conservatives on the blog that don't use their name, but not the liberals that make personal attacks and speak of grotesque sexual acts. Stay Classy.

  8. @ anon may 25th @ 4:57:
    "vinehout wouldn't wear seat belts and claims resulting injuries keep her from running -- poor excuse."

    As a motorcycle racer who has had multiple broken bones ( 7 arm and hand fractures among them) I would wonder how Vineout could do much of anything with a complex compound fractured humorous. Of all my fractures, the humorous fracture I suffered a couple years ago was a real stand out. they are incredibly painful and the victim is almost certain to suffer frozen shoulder syndrome along with a fracture that is difficult to stabilize in the normal fashion. In researching my own injury, I was surprised to find out that people actually establish popular blogs to write about their own experiences with these fractures. I personally would not have been able to imagine running for governor when riding in cars, sleeping at night, getting dressed or simply taking a dump was an exquisite torture for the following 4 months. In fact, 2 years later I'm not completely over it.

  9. Burke doesn't have to say much of anything. Walker will keep on putting false claims such as creating new businesses and getting people health care that are proven false or misleading. All Burke has to do is let the facts discredit Walker and the people will see through his lies and see what he has actually done to Wisconsin not for Wisconsin.

  10. Do elected officials qualify for UC? Come January 2015, Scooter is homeless. FUSW.

  11. Scott Walker is faux business. He has never had to make payroll. He has always sucked hind teat as a career politician in Wisconsin. He is nothing more than a boot licking ass kissing politician of the uber rich.