Monday, May 12, 2014

Scott Walker's Top Ten Ways To Tell You Might Be A Public Sector Worker

At the end of public service recognition week comes this fitting reminder of what Scott Walker really thinks of public sector workers:

H/T to Jud Lounsbury


  1. It's even more insulting to hear him read it.

    He maybe forgets he has been employed by the public most of his adult life.

    Unlike most other public employees, he has little respect for those who employ him. He has not dedicated his life to serving that public, and it shows.

  2. Just a pig slopping at the trough...he stinks of corporate perspiration!

  3. Top ten ways you can tell Governor Walker is a worthless piece of shit:
    10. He dropped out of college to become a career politician.
    9. Scott is more interested in his next job than his current job.
    8. He panders to his base with cheap stunts like "10 top ways..."
    7. Walker's state economic policy is steal from the poor and give to the rich.
    6. He suffers from 3rd degree burns on his lying ass because his pants are on fire.
    5. Scott's my name, out-of-state political donations are my game.
    4. He blew up the public unions in Wisconsin and he thinks that makes him presidential material.
    3. You are a heartbeat away from a felony charge.
    2. If the Governor cannot produce the jobs he promised, he orders his state staff to cook the books.
    1. History is unkind to demagoguery.

  4. Worth repeating I think, as an example of SKW's regard for rules and regulations, my comment from the Uppity WI post:

    Just a guess from the photo that the, "guv," is operating a WI Dells, "duck," tour boat in the photo and thus I'd take another guess that he does not hold a proper operator's license to do so. Where is the DNR or the State Patrol? Anyone have the history behind this photo. I know how much work it is to get a captain's license to run a "6-pak," fishing charter out on state waters.

    Someone who has the date and event associated with this photo should chime in if they can verify my suspicion.