Monday, May 26, 2014

On Memorial Day

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, thinks it is "nice" that your son is dead:

What could be a nicer way to spend your day, then visiting your son's grave? 

I can think of about a billion or two.  



  1. The meaning of Memorial Day: "Nice" from a man whose only uniform was Boy Scout. (By the way, Scooter, the plural of "mom" is "moms.")

  2. give scooter a break -- he was drunk and doped up when he posted it. Who here hasn't been all messed up on booze and drugs and clicked PUBLISH before proofing?

    And you sell dur furher short -- he was an EAGLE SCOUT and his daddy was a PREACHER MAN!

    And his is a relative of george WALKER bush -- the patriach of the family is George Herbert WALKER -- one of the most prominent facists of the early 20th century and a man that was part of the COUP attempt against FDR.

    The first family of treason, WALKER/BUSH klan deserves more respect than this.

    Memorial Day is a perfect time to reflect on the great crimes of the WALKER/BUSH klan -- after all -- THEY HELPED BRING HITLER TO POWER AND UNDERWROTE HIS RISE TO POWER!

    And they have similar plans for their boy scotty.

    HIEL WALKER (goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step goose step)

  3. "And then I remembered hiring Tim Russell to take over the money intended for fallen vets, and how he used that money for my campaign websites. It was so clever, and it brought me a smile."

  4. The Walker creep-factor is irrepressible.

  5. Was he really there or did he read about it?

  6. Don't see that Tweet on Twitter anymore. Did he get caught that he was not actually there?

  7. Its still there, they followed it up with this tweet

    Governor Walker ‏@GovWalker 16h

    Read the story about Joan Rockwell and what she does at the cemetery. That is what is so nice.

    1. The a-hole didn't think he'd get caught, and backtracked when he did. What a low-life.

      You'd think the casual Wisconsinite would have had it with this cynical jag off by now

    2. Good to know we have such capable people running our state. Little wonder that all material stats such as job creation, etc. are what they are. The inability to run a twitter account, as demonstrated here, tells us that our head of state government isn't any good at selecting competent staff. Besides getting elected (with oodles of out-of-state money), what is Walker good at?

    3. Patrick- you just named it - fronting for corporate slime and raising money that gets kicked back to those contributors. It's what they hired him for.

      Not sure that's what some Wisconsin voters in 2010 and 2012 thought they were voting for, but that's what you got, and will continue to get if you allow this lowlife to stay in office

  8. He's fixed his "mow the law" comment, too. It now reads "mow the lawn."

    Pathetic, utterly pathetic.

  9. Remember, as Milwaukee County Executive, this was the man who's only concern upon hearing that a kid died from concrete falling on him on a county owned property was how it would affect his campaign for Governor.