Monday, May 26, 2014

Scott Walker Wishes You A Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday, I reported how Teapublicans like Ron Johnson and Sean Duffy are nothing more than flaming hypocrites on Memorial Day.  They pretend to support veterans and honor the dead when their voting records show that they do anything but that.

This morning, Jeff Simpson showed us that Scott Walker, Mr. Original Tea Party himself, is one of the most tactless oafs in state history, by thinking it  a nice thing that a mother visits her dead son at the cemetery. Methinks a nice thing would be for mother and son to be able to visit in person because he wasn't dead, but that's just me.

I would add that Walker has a long history of practicing hypocrisy so great that he makes RoJo and Duffy look like slackers.

I would point out how Walker has done so many sick things to the veterans, they could fill a book.  Such things that include, but in no way are limited to:

And, of course, no list of Walker's crimes against veterans would be complete without mention of how Walker set up a campaign stunt disguised as a veterans fun, named it Operation Freedom, and gave full control of it to long time friend and political operative, Tim Russell, to raid and use to help pay for his campaign website, among other things.

Even while Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, his disdain for veterans was evident.  He had refused stimulus funds that were to be used for building a residential center for homeless veterans.  Fortunately, the County Board had overrode him and got the funds.  Of course, as the gentle reader might suspect, when the building opened, Walker was right there for holy pictures and to take credit for the thing he didn't want.

Walker's latest of hypocrisy comes today, Memorial Day 2014.

Walker was at an event in the morning at Woods National Cemetery in Milwaukee.  This is the same cemetery that Walker is considering tearing up and disturbing the final resting place of hundreds of veterans who gave their all, just so he can appease the road builders, a big time, long time contributor to his campaigns.  He's already repealed the law that had protected the cemetery to expedite this.

The Teapublican hypocrisy, especially Walker's, towards are veterans is inexcusable and should not be tolerated.


  1. Love the war, hate the warrior. Chicken hawks, every last one of them.

  2. The Koch brothers exposed and Walker too

  3. Scott Walker, Tim Russell, Kevin Kavanaugh, Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner, Michael Grebe: what could say more
    about actually caring for military veterans?

  4. We should be doing more for our vets, not less. BUT when it comes down to the almighty dollar, Walker will shortchange the very people who fight for our freedom. But then what can you expect from the guy who's only concern when the parking structure wall fell on the teen boy was how the teen's death was going to affect HIS (Walker's) gubernatorial bid? He is a self-serving jackass. I'm ashamed he is from MKE.