Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All We Need Is Love

By Jeff Simpson

Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) was doing what he is known for, helping out the people of Wisconsin's first district.  Seriously though, Ryan was actually sucking up to a bunch of millionaires asking for money! 

At this millionaire political auction, where they run the republican presidential possibilites up with a number and stats.   In this bow tie version of the swim suit section, each candidate has to give a speech telling his suitors what he thinks they most want to hear.

Paul Ryan won this competition hands down, with his ground breaking idea of how to sole the poverty crisis!

 Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan courted some of Wall Street's most powerful political benefactors on Monday, insisting that love, friendship and "traditional marriage" can combat poverty better than government programs.
The prospective Republican presidential contenders were featured guests at an award ceremony hosted by the Manhattan Institute, a right-leaning think tank led by high-profile Republican donor Paul Singer. Like others gathered in the midtown Manhattan ballroom Monday night, Singer already has begun sizing up the evolving 2016 field after helping to pump millions of dollars into the last presidential race.
Bush and Ryan offered a decidedly softer tone on the nation's problems than some of their more conservative Republican colleagues.
Having toured the country in recent months focusing on the nation's poor, Ryan declared that "the best way to turn from a vicious cycle of despair and learned hopelessness to a virtuous cycle of hope and flourishing is by embracing the attributes of friendship, accountability and love."
"That's how you fight poverty," Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman and 2012 vice presidential nominee, told a crowd of roughly 750 dressed in tuxedos and gowns.
Now not only does Paul Ryan blame the "urban" vote for not currently being Vice President, but he also thinks that the inner city males, who are living in poverty, are naturally lazy, now he thinks they have incapable of friendship, accountability or love in their lives!   

Setting aside the fact that the "numbers guy" from the republican party thinks that Love will pull people out of poverty, I am beginning to think that Paul Ryan does not think very highly of minorities in America.  

And people ask Hulsey about his mental condition.  


  1. Essentially Ryan is saying that inner city residents are subhuman. Ryan is a monster.

  2. Well, Catholics agree. Paul Ryan is certainly no Catholic.

  3. The best thing about "friendship, accountability and love" as the cure to poverty, from the rich Republican donor point of view, is that it doesn't require rich Republican donors to do anything that they aren't already not doing now. No point in investing money in new businesses or services or better housing or education; just keep on shipping those jobs overseas, 'cause "the poor" have an attitude problem that no amount of fair, respectful and humane economic treatment can fix. So you can go back to squeezing whatever you can out of them while the well-meaning nice people put out their Sunday blather.

    Heck, let's cut back on the well-meaning nice people's salaries by, say, 10%, since they've got so much friendship, accountability and love already, and that's all the loser classes (i.e., the 99%) need to be well off, according to Rep. Paul Ryan, anyway.

    And the great thing about doing nothing is that most people who are poor at a particular point in time don't stay poor forever, contrary to the picture of pervasive long term, multi-generational poverty the Rep. Ryan so loves to paint. So expect some great news in a year or so about how doing nothing (but friendship, accountability and love, of course, but that can't be measured) has miraculously caused so many tens of thousands to lift themselves by their own bootstraps out of the morass that the Republicans have consigned them to. Hallelujah! As long as you don't look too closely or ask too many questions about where those folks would have been even without all that wonderful wonderful friendship, accountability and love the Rep. Ryan says is all that's needed to fight poverty, or choose to overlook the economic support, housing and education programs that served as a bridge or a ladder.

  4. When you rely on Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve" to justify your budget and it's war on the social safety net, it's hard to believe all his talk about "friendship, accountability, and love."
    It would take a very strange understanding of Ayn Rand to preach about anything besides arrogant selfishness and greed.

  5. The best government program out there is a good public education, which makes people employable. Try using love, friendship and marriage as qualifications on a job application. I am not buying Paul's perverse exit strategy from poverty.

  6. Hey Pau-LIE, it's just faith and hard work and everything ends up great, right?

    Oh wait, they don't have the millions you inherited and the millions more you married into. Guess it's a little different for them, isn't it?

    What a punchable scumbag