Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey Shopko Employees

By Jeff Simpson

I know that corporate Shopko just announced a store closing in Madison, WI.

Green Bay-based retailer Shopko plans to close its store at 2602 Shopko Drive, eliminating 66 full- and part-time jobs.
Shopko notified the state Department of Workforce Development in a letter dated May 29.
The first layoffs are expected within 60 days and will last until the end of August.
Shopko has three other Madison stores, according to the company's website.

There is no need to fear though, because Americans for Prosperity - Wisconsin is spending $1,000,0000 in ads to tell us that "it's working.", we have "bold leadership", and as the economy grows strong, Wisconsin is getting back to work too(says the guy in the messy house that represents something).

Since AFP-WI has a million dollars to blow, on bad ads, worse acting and silly platitudes, it MUST be working, our economy has to be stronger.  Which means you did not really lose your job and your store did not close.

If you have any questions, or need a refresher course in the faith and another drink of Kool-aid, contact
Contact AFP-Wisconsin
10 East Doty Street
Suite 800
Madison, WI 53703
608-204-5915 ext 4120
State Director – David Fladeboe
David will gladly guide you to where it IS working and where the economy is strong(just be prepared to move to MN)

PS: I would guide you to contact Scott Walker, but he is never in WI!


  1. I really like the location of this store but I guess I'm alone in caring about that because it's always quiet when I go there. Also it's more expensive than WalMart.

  2. I went to this Shopko all the time, and am very sad for the employee's. I wish we had a better president that would help the economy and create jobs instead of destroy them with his obamacare.

    1. Obama has been great while working through historic obstacles. The economy was in freefall when he was inaugurated, yet he quickly stopped the plunge into economic depression. The economy has steadily grown ever since, despite the aggressive efforts of Republicans to stop Obama from any economic initiative. Republicans have refused to consider any jobs bill.

      In Wisconsin, Walker has consistently made decisions that killed jobs. For example, killing high speed rail stopped the creation of thousnds of construction jobs and motivated the train manufacturer to leave the state.

    2. The economy has steadily grown? Oh, except for last quarter, when it contracted by 1%. Our economy is a train wreck, unless you consider record numbers on welfare, unemployment, disability, and food stamps as measures of success.

  3. Mr. Don Johnson is a good example why Mary Burke needs to get a big ad campaign going with a simple Ross Perot type of chart like Jake's Economic Funhouse Blog puts up. His chart shows that Wisconsin is adding jobs at half the rate as the rest of the nation. Just keep it simple and show the truth.

    Sorry Shopko people, but as a public employee that has had Act 10 slash my household income dramatically, there is much less shopping at your store. I don't understand why the Chamber of Commerce and the WMD don't push hard for this sector of the economy to be paid decently, so they are able to spend at their businesses.

  4. I love this store. I am very sad to hear that is closing It is a nice quiet store to shop at, and I don't have deal with the crowds, close to my house, and the quality and selection of their clothes is always decent. I sure will miss this Shopko. I will be there today getting some flowers. Sad to see a homegrown Wisconsin business close some of its stores.

  5. Shall we call Shopko Drive Austerity Drive?

  6. The nation's recovery has been weak but steady, while Wisconsin has chosen an alternative route downward. Job creation lags farther and farther behind the national standard.
    Austerity coupled with tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy has crippled our economy and quality of life.

    In Fond du Lac, J.C. Penney recently closed, a store that's been in the middle of Forrest Mall since 1973. A once-thriving Main Street is lined with empty storefronts, their For Sale signs enticing you to "Imagine the Possibilities..."

    Things used to be working, but they're not now.