Thursday, May 15, 2014

Charlie Sykes Wants Extra Rights

By now, the gentle reader has surely heard the news accounts about Michael Sam, a young man who was drafted in this past weekend's NFL draft.  Not only was it news worthy because Sam was one of the few elite college football players with enough talent to make it to the big times, but because Sam is openly gay.

A gay football player in itself isn't anything new. Vince Lombardi had gay players playing for him when he coached the Green Bay Packers fifty years ago..

However, when Sam got the call that he made the draft, he celebrated like most people would - he kissed his loved one in a moment of celebration.  However, this one innocent act has gotten the right wing acting like it was the end times.

Which brings us to Charlie Sykes, main squawker at WTMJ-AM (who is waiting to change their call letters to WGOP).  Sykes laments that a player for the Dolphins had called the kiss as "horrible" and then was fined for his bigotry:
Now we know that the only acceptable reaction to this man-on-man lip lock was celebration or silence. Or perhaps gratitude that the display of affection was not more graphic.

Dissent or objection was, apparently, not permitted. But the Dolphins’ Don Jones had not gotten the memo. He tweeted out a single word: "horrible."

To be sure, Sam’s reaction was spontaneous, emotional and probably quite genuine. But here’s the thing: so was Jones’s. One was acceptable and celebrated. The other was not.
In the rest of his article, Sykes shows us that he is truly turning a new leaf. Not only is he still the same old race baiter that he always has been, but now he has a stronger sense of homophobia.

Sykes demonstrates this by saying that the blow back that the right is getting for their bigotry is a vast left wing conspiracy to give gays extra rights.

The thing that Sykes and his fellow bigots won't admit is that they would never have said a word if Sam was straight and kissed his girlfriend. (Unless she was white, of course. But that's a whole other issue.)
So it's not that the gays want to have any extra rights. They just want to have the same rights.

If anything, it's people like Sykes that want extra rights.  They want to spout their hatred and not take any responsibility or accept any consequences for it.


  1. This op-ed took up a full column in our local papaer.

    I read it and my first thought was to summarize this trend of thinking about religious freedom, free (hate) speech, et al.

    Ms. Powers is complaining about a portion of society who have an intolerance for intolerance. Oh, the irony in that.

  2. Although you seem overly familiar and fond of the word, your comment is inappropriate.

  3. I heard Charlie Sykes is gay, which is why he had all those marriage "problems". Is that true?