Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scott Walker Has No Idea

By Jeff Simpson

In yet another example of Scott Walker's lack of honesty and character, Walker tells us he has no idea about gay marriage(emphasis mine).  

And Gov. Scott Walker, who voted for the state’s ban and has been a longtime opponent of gay marriage, dodged questions Friday about whether he still supports the prohibition. He said he didn’t know whether the ban would withstand legal challenges, and that he can’t judge that because he’s not an attorney.

Walker also said he didn’t know how significant it would be for the state if gay marriage were to be legalized.
Scott Walker has been a "long time opponent" of gay marriage but "knows nothing" about it or how the ban effects the people of Wisconsin(the people he supposedly represents). 

This is a career politician, who has run for Governor of Wisconsin three times and other elected offices numerous times and yet has no idea about gay marriage(one of the defining national issues of our day). 

As Milwaukee County Executive he vetoed an effort to provide benefits to the same-sex partners of county workers.   Did he do that not "knowing how significant it would be"?  Scott Walker also vehemently supported the 2006 same-sex marriage amendment in Wisconsin.  I wonder what he "didn't" know when he did that? 

Now it looks like the federal judge is going to overturn Wisconsin's gay marriage ban(finally) and Scott Walker will direct JB Van Hollen(because he really cant function without direction) to spare no taxpayer expense in fighting the judge's decision to overturn.  

I wonder if he will know how "significant it will be for our state" when he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting to keep it illegal?

Sure sounds like presidential material to me.  

Is "Uncourageous" a word?  


  1. un·cou·ra·geous, adjective.

    Failing to possess or characterized by a lack of courage.

    See chickenshit.

    1. Unintimidated-

      Antonym- Scott Walker on any issue where he doesn't have his scripted answer in front of him

  2. He could ask his close personal friend and former employee Tim Russell to explain the concept to him. Oh wait, Russell's in jail. Nevermind.

  3. I pick untruthful, because he does think it will bring a plague of frogs to the state. How this juxtaposes with his long term association with the convicted "Two Dads" perverts will not be explained either.

    1. And the media won't ask him about that connection, nor will they bring up his association with the gay-hating National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

      Guess that means it's up to us to make sure he "clarifies" his position

    2. google assist

      "Anytime boy. Two dads to use your holes"

      "Yeah. Send me a picture of your hard c*ck."
      (asterisk not in convicted pervert and longtime Governor Walker associate's perverted text- replace * with vowel between i and u).

      See the criminal information in State of Wisconsin v. Brian Pierick.

  4. How about "ambiguous":
    ": able to be understood in more than one way : having more than one possible meaning
    : not expressed or understood clearly" Merriam- Webster
    Thus Walker is not willing to take a stand or stand by his mf'ing lying, ALEC scripted, empty word.

  5. scott walker is gay!

    He married his babysitter to have a wife and family -- not the first Wisconsin governor with a sham marriage.

    scotty prefers playing with timmy russell and brian pierick and I am not refering to tonka trucks or baseball.

    scott walker prefers to take out the leather and studs and get down-and-dirty with david prosser -- known around the capitol as being a big fan of rough bondage with young gay prostitutes.

    there's a reason scotty kept a small-con like timmy around and there is a reason scott walker got brian a job at DPI working with homeless little boys.

    scott walker knows EVERYTHING about gay sex.

    1. If that were true, it would be his most positive and endearing feature.

  6. Even the popular media is asking questions to Scott Walker about this, and he runs and hides from offering an honest answer. "Unintimidated," what a joke!
    The Tea Party people seem to claim all Christianity, but they don't! Do all Christians "speak in tongues"?!
    Maybe Marcus Bachmann can figure out Scott Walker.
    Or Phil Robertson.
    The Republicans have their share of homosexuals, just like any other group--they just have to keep it in the closet.