Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Republican Dinosaurs

By Jeff Simpson 

Oregon became the 13th state in a row to overturn their gay marriage ban.  

A federal judge threw out Oregon's same-sex marriage ban Monday, marking the 13th legal victory for gay marriage advocates since the U.S. Supreme Court last year overturned part of a federal ban.
State officials earlier refused to defend Oregon's voter-approved ban and said they wouldn't appeal.

They knew it was coming and that the ban was Constitutionally and morally wrong so they refused to waste money and resources defending it and they are not alone.

No. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is one of seven top state prosecutors who have refused to defend same-sex marriage bans in court. Attorney generals in Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Nevada and Kentucky, all Democrats, have made the same decision. Virginia and Kentucky still appealed rulings. A county clerk who was sued in Virginia is fighting that ban, and Kentucky hired outside attorneys.

Hmmmm, Democrats, doing the right and fiscally responsible thing.  Let's look at where we are in WI, with a republican AG.

 In yet another sign that Republicans foresee defeat in the battle over gay marriage, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen conceded in a recent interview that the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex unions may soon be overturned in court.
 JB Van Hollen knows that it is just a matter of time before our gay hate amendment gets overturned but JB is not one to give up.    Taxpayer money or time is of no obecj to JB, not when he can do something to appease Julaine Appling.
Despite emphasizing in a weekend TV interview that he would aggressively defend challenges to the ban, Van Hollen, who will leave office after two terms in January, said that in light of court decisions overturning similar bans across the country, it was likely that the federal and state judges addressing the two different suits against Wisconsin’s law would not side with him.

“I certainly won’t be at all surprised if we lose in our court here as well,” he told WISN anchor Mike Gousha.
JB Van Hollen has failed on internet sex predator cases but still would rather waste his time defending a discriminatory ban whose time has long passed.    

If that doesn't define the Wisconsin republican party, I do not know what does. 


At least Julaine has her license plates to comfort her(and fill her bank account).  


  1. walker is gay -- that's why he married his baby-sitter -- can't live on the public dole as a "rock star" political hack for the koch brothers if you don't maintain the facade of a "family-guy".

    Don't believe me? Ask timmy russell and brian pierek, formerly 2 of walker's closet long-time associates and BFFs.

  2. Stay classy Anon @ 9:53.

    Yeah, you conveniently left out the fact that Van Hollen spoke about it being his duty to defend the state's constitution. Right or Wrong, the state voted for this ban, and it is now part of us. Instead of the courts overruling this, maybe it should go back to the people, you know, like a democracy?

    We should only be so lucky that our president and USAG would start enforcing the constitution of the United States. That would be a grand idea, wouldn't it?

    1. AS IF the Republican State Assembly or Republican State Senate would even dare to bring this to the floor for a debate much less a vote? And Walker would never sign it. How's THAT for the lack of Democracy in Wisconsin???
      And read up on the Constitution, Corey, instead of salivating whenever Glenn Beck trots out his out-dated whiteboard technology to "edjumacate" you on the Constitution.

    2. walker is gay and david prosser enjoys kinky stuff with leather, chains, and young men -- get used to it!

      These are the folks you worship -- purpose of the Constitution is to protect us from nuts like YOU!

    3. That didn't stop Van Hollen from ducking enforcement of the law in John Doe One and Deux. Try again.

  3. Oh, I think Julaine's bank account is getting plenty filled by right-wing conservative and religious groups. You know...the kind of groups that Republicans Dwight D Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater warned fellow Republicans about. And BTW, Julaine has to have some sort of bank account to pay Tea Party James Maillette, her new EVP (and son of Tea Party Kim Simac) to appear at local Catholic church gatherings to whip up the conservative John Bircher base.

  4. There once was a teabagger named Corey
    Who told whoppers in conservative story
    a consummate liar
    his pants on fire
    Pontificator and true Koch whorey

  5. wow. I am honored. now I get comments directed right to me, with no discussion about the context of the article. I guess when you have nothing to argue about...

    and I guess democrats are really the party of tolerance. judging from the excrement being spewed in some of the anonymous comments, they are tolerant of their own party's idiots.

    and one more thing - anon at 11:51 is right, it won't be brought to the floor. there is only one thing to do - vote. to quote our glorious leader in Washington, "elections have consequences." and guess what, we won in Wisconsin.