Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clarke: Law Enforcement For Me, Not For Thee

Milwaukee Sheriff has had some long standing advice for Milwaukee County citizens when it comes to what to do about crime - don't call on him.  He used taxpayer money to take out a series of commercials telling people not to rely on law enforcement but to get their own guns and become a bunch of vigilantes.

The only thing he forgot to tell people was that the message was given to him by the NRA which is a proud supporter of the Republicratic sheriff.

But the sheriff is obviously one of those "do as I say not as I do" type of people.

When he gets a death threat, he runs to the FBI:
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he received an email threat on Saturday.  Clarke said in a statement the person used a racial slur and threatened his security.

He emailed Newsradio 620's Charlie Sykes adding the FBI is investigating the threat because the sender tried to conceal his or her identity by blocking the IP address.  Clarke argues this shows the person is serious, writing, "For me to not push back aggressively on this would be foolish. I don't play macho man with threats especially racially motivated ones.  I will not wait for some goof to act on their threats."
I'm glad to see that Clarke is taking the threat seriously. Even though I don't support Clarke, I don't want to see harm fall to anyone.  There is no place for this sort of behavior in politics.

I'm also glad to see that Clarke is smart enough to not take his own advice.

Of course, this is the same sheriff that has a contingency of deputies that escort him around, including trips around the country.

Apparently, the only thing that Clarke is good at shooting off is his mouth.


  1. How is Charlie Sykes going to protect Clarke? If the perp used racial slurs, he is probably a Sykes listener.

  2. I thought Clarke was a gun-toting, cowboy hat wearing, horse riding tough guy, but one stinking little death threat and he goes running to the evil Federal Guvmint.

    Keep the government's hands off my FBI protection! It looks like the Nanny state is good for something after all -- Tea Party wussy.