Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXI

Remember how I kept harping about how Scott Walker and his agenda of austerity has taken billions of dollars out of circulation?  Remember how I kept saying that the loss of that money had a ripple effect causing restaurants, stores and other places go out of business?  Remember how I kept driving home that this downward cycle would continue to grow until even the bigger stores that sold necessary items, like food or medicine, would start to suffer and fall?

Well, I wish that the politicians in Madison had listened and remembered, because it's happening now:
The Walgreens store at 4520 W. North Ave. on the north side of the City of Milwaukee closed this week, according to an employee at the Walgreens store at 27th and North Avenue.

"I was told the store has been losing money and is not meeting the sales numbers necessary to keep it open," Alderman Russell W. Stamper II said in a news release today.
To make things worse, this is one of the poorest areas in the city and they can hardly afford to lose those jobs or that store period.

No, Mr. Walker, it's most definitely not working.


  1. If judges would only let Voter ID stand, Walgreens would never have closed that store as people would flood in for their pictures.

    And once we start destroying the environment and watershed up north with the great new mine, there would be 100% employment in Milwaukee.

  2. One Walgreens closes, in a democrat led City, and it is all Walker's fault. I see your logic there.

    Why don't I come here more often for laughs...

  3. In a high crime area, yet. Corey, it's called Walker Derangement Syndrome.

  4. Conservative economics is faith based. It is not based on logic or measurable results.

  5. Oh, you want measureable results? I thought Milwaukee only wanted a shitty mayor who, apparently despite running against some the entire state dislikes, can't beat that man despite multiple chances. Get a damn clue.

  6. I'm pretty sure walker lost the recall. Why do you think they are trying to stop the John Doe 2? There was a group that went around to all the municipalities to count paper ballots and there were discrepancies. Plus all the dark money. Walker's austerity is not working and I guess the only way the walker lovers will realize this is when it affects them, and it will shortly. Look at all the jobs we lost in the state, yesterday there was a big deal on the news because a company is going to hire, when asked how many they said 25 to 30. Oh boy, that'll make up for the thousands of lost jobs!!

  7. Sure hope a local entrepreneur can start a convenience store in the neighborhood. It needs a store and revenue would stay in the local community.

  8. Instead of trickle down prosperity, this is $h!t rolls down hill austerity.

  9. Walker's austerity agenda for Wisconsin, cutting taxes to benefit the rich, deregulation, cutting investments in education, along with a strong anti-union law, has proven to be a real job killer. That goes for business creation, also. Walker will not get half of his promised 250,000 private sector jobs by the end of his term. We should also subtract all those jobs he has lost from the gains to get a more accurate assessment of the damage he has done to the State's economy.
    The U.S. economy has experienced a gradual, fragile recovery, yet Wisconsin is lagging farther and farther behind.

    This topic obviously bothers the right wing quite a bit.

    They could learn something by following the approach that Minnesota has taken.

  10. Wow, someone can't read Roman numerals and someone else can't spell fetch. Way to go conservatives.

  11. Thank you trolls. I am always impressed at the way you attempt to elevate the conversation.

    What someone says reflects little upon the person they are commenting on. It says more about themselves.