Monday, May 26, 2014

Scott Walker Returns To The Scene

By Jeff Simpson

Today, on Memorial Day 2014, Scott Walker attended a "wonderful ceremony at Wood National Cemetery":

Wonderful ceremony at Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee.

 Roughly, one third of arsonists have to return to the scene of the crime and since Scott Walker was elected with the agenda being incendiary and of conquering this state, 

Despite it being a sacred place and final resting spot for many of our deceased veterans, Wood National Cemetery was collateral damage in Scott Walker's war on Wisconsin.  

Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill includes a provision that would repeal a law that prohibits a freeway rehabilitation project from adding vehicle lanes on I-94 adjacent to Wood National Cemetery.
Like other parts of the region's freeway system, the stretch of I-94 between N. 25th and N. 70th streets is deteriorating. But planning for that stretch of roadway, including plans for widening, was met with opposition from neighbors living in the Story Hill neighborhood.
Many grave sites in Wood are adjacent to the shoulder of the freeway. Widening the freeway in that stretch would require moving the graves.
 What's the problem with that?
Al Richburg, director of Wood National Cemetery, which is part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, said the agency's longtime position is "that when a vet is interred, it is considered a final and lasting resting place. It's final to us."
Richburg said Wood has 38,886 graves for veterans and their families. He said he did not know how many grave sites were adjacent to the freeway.

It really is too bad that the graves of our veterans are in the way, but as Jared Kellner found out, NOTHING gets in the way of Scott Walker's political ambitions. 

As the saying (kind of) goes, dead men give no campaign contributions.  


  1. The only uniform Walker wore was Boy Scout. And he's a disgrace to that one.

  2. To be fair, there is no plan for widening - the intent of the law change was to allow WISDOT to study adding capacity by double-decking I-94 in the vicinity of the Cemetery.

    1. So the law made it impossible to even study it?