Saturday, May 10, 2014

Robin Vos InAction

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin recently released the latest round of test scores.   Once again the public schools outperformed the voucher schools across the board

 Students attending private schools receiving taxpayer-funded vouchers in a new statewide program did not score as high overall as public school students on state tests in reading and math, according to data released Tuesday by the Department of Public Instruction.

Perpetually, the data we receive shows public school students outperforming voucher school students.  Our goal should be that every child gets a great education, our future depends on it!    Unfortunately, the millions given to Wisconsin republicans have trumped all of the data and evidence that we have seen. 

Despite all of the evidence that public schools outperform private schools, and all of the other problems we have in Wisconsin - Assembly speaker Robin Vos remains undettered:

Vos also slammed the national Common Core education standards, a policy that has drawn fierce criticism from tea party activists who describe it as a federal takeover of local education.
“We don’t need Common Core because Wisconsin expects higher standards,” said Vos.
He also voiced frustration over the compromise on voucher schools that passed the Legislature last year. The deal expanded the voucher system statewide but capped new participation to 500 students in the first year and 1000 in the second year, a minute change in the context of the millions of school children in the state.
“We should never have had a cap,” he said. “The next time around, that cap will be gone. “

Robin Vos flat out admits that the republican party platform, is to significantly weaken public education, with less transparency and at a greater cost to the taxpayers of WI.


Explain to me why you would vote republican this fall?

The people in the 63rd district have a choice this year, you can choose to stay with the adultering tax money wasting ALEC tool or you can hire someone with integrity, intelligence and actually knows the issues, - Andy Mitchell! 

Please send Andy Mitchell to Madison in November!   


  1. Take back Wisconsin!

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    1. Judge Randa thought highly enough of the dumpster-o-fun to order its contents destroyed. Not returned to the owners (the taxpayers.)

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  4. The problem with Common Core is that it does not recommend teaching Creationism.

  5. What a weasel!

  6. Robin Vos is a travesty.

  7. WHY are Wisconsin voters still paying for healthcare benefits for Vos' wife who has been living in Idaho for at least two years, for crumbs' sake? He's not even married to her anymore, in the biblical sense of the word, if you know what I mean!!