Friday, May 2, 2014

Who Should Apologize?

By Jeff Simpson

In the last four years, the republican party of Wisconsin has focused on Suppressing minority and poor votes to the tune of over $1,000,000 Wisconsin taxpayer dollars, which would effectively take the vote away from more than 300,000 Wisconsinites. They had already hindered minority access to the polls.  

The John Birch Society is not only making a comeback, its based in Wisconsin AND their leader is a big player in the republican party

Party leader and former republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) has not only blamed his loss on minorities voting but called a whole race and culture lazy.   

We have a long term elderly white State Senator whose made a career of fighting Kwanzaa and ending Affirmative Action, whose views apparently have earned him a big promotion.  

The WalkerDocs were ingrained with racism throughout including(but definitely NOT limited too) this one:

This morning I went to sign my Dog up for welfare.  At first the lady said, ‘Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare.’ So I explained to her that my Dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddy’s are.  They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty because they are dogs.  So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify.  My Dogs get their first checks Friday.”

“’This is so true!’ Rindfleisch responded.”

Not many things funnier than comparing welfare recipients to canines.  Let's also not forget the numerous Scott Walker staffers who were known for racist rants

Charley Sykes has the loudest republican voice in WI and many republicans are regulars on Jerry Bader's radio show.   

The Wisconsin republicans also passed a bill, which scaled back a settled law,  allowing whole communities to approve of racism, with their race based high school mascot bill.

The head of national GOP, Reince Priebus, is from WI and was able to move up the ranks of the party by his perpetual voter caging schemes.   

Scott Walker himself called Federal Judge Lynn Adelman a racist for NOT rubber stamping his voter suppression bill

Last, but most certainly NOT least, they are voting this weekend, at their statewide republican convention, to Secede from the rest of the nation.  Apparently they do not feel as though they should be part of a country that elects an African American president.   

While I do not approve of Bret Hulsey giving out hoods at the republican convention, I can see where he might have gotten the idea!  

However, since not a single issue listed above, ever drew a single apology from our friends on the right(or a demand for apology from the Democratic party), I am at a loss as to how Hulsey's possible silly publicity stunt, would make Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate sprint to the nearest media outlet to apologize to all republicans.  

For Context, I recently asked Chairman Tate for a comment when Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke had this to say:

BURKE: "In terms of the fiscal picture, there is no doubt that the first budget that [Walker] introduced and that he implemented significantly improved the financial situation of the state, because the state was coming out of this downturn, in 2008 and 2010, revenues were going down, there were, you know, the structural deficit grew, and basically he got rid of the structural deficit."
 Chairman Tate deferred to the campaign, who also refused comment(on the blatantly false statement).    Not to mention that they had Milwaukee County chair Chris Abele as a feature speaker at their recent annual Founders Day Dinner.   

I only wish the Democratic party were as quick to defend the workers, lower and middle class and minorities in Wisconsin as they are the republican party.   



  1. Tate is terrible, just look at his record. Glad he voted himself in.

    He does nothing for the Democratic party, yet he licks the boots of the republican party.

    You need to fight fire with fire. that will be the only way to beat out the republican party.

    Being nice is getting the Democratic party no where. And the results prove it.

    1. Fighting fire with fire is not all that beneficial except for special circumstances.

      However certain D candidates and party leadership might at least consider a fire extinguisher or a garden hose instead of the kerosene which perpetually causes wholly avoidable flare ups in their faces..

  2. yup. With democrats like Tate, who needs republicans?

  3. I saw Ch 4 cover this last night. I thought, 'Oh the Teabaggers are at it again. Then I saw it was Hulsey and thought OK, just putting the costume on the clowns. But TMJ had to search far and wide to find a black reporter and black folks to comment on this story. They put it completely out of context, like Hulsey was promoting the KKK.
    BTW, Mary Burke, the only thing Walker did for our finances was to refinance our mortgage so we could pay an additional $400 million in interest on our debt.

  4. Bice's column today makes no mention of the Tea Party, a political wing of the GOP that Michael S. Murphy, as well as Scott Walker, Glenn Grothman, Scott Fitgerald, Robin Vos, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, and Ron Johnson all represent. Instead, Bice tries to distance Murphy from the rest of those within the Tea Party in Wisconsin. One wonders how he became one of the executive committee of the state GOP if he was considered unrepresentative of Party thinking.
    The Tea Party and it's allies have been pushing bills that seek to nullify Federal legislation: here it looks like the ACA and Common Core standards would be targets.

    The nullification idea has been led by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., a scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn. See:
    Woods also associates with the Tenth Amendment Center, and says he is a founder of the League of the South. The TAC works with Ron Paul's Young Americans for Liberty, who get trained by Paul's Campaign for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works. Paul headed the forerunner outfit to AFP and FW, the Koch-initiated Citizens for a Soun Economy.

    Janet Riordan shows her association with the secession- and nullification-promoting Mises Institute, as well as Campaign for Liberty. Who knew that the Bradley Foundation would employ such a radical rebel?
    It's a safe bet that Riordan had a lot to do with Rand Paul's recent appearance at St. Anthony.
    Let's ask Charlie Sykes: he would surely know.

  5. Note to pointy head bigot republicans: if the hood fits, wear it and don't expect any apologies.

  6. Tate's apology was absolutely bizarre. Hulsey is running off the rails and everyone knows it. When was the last time the Republican party chairman apologized to Democrats for the remarks of one of it's racist nutjobs? Don't waste your time searching for the answer, it has never happened. Republicans are always demanding apologies as part of their 'play the victim' game. Why would Tate accommodate this bullshit? I rate his political acumen as being near zero.