Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Robin Vos - Sandy Hook Truther


 By Jeff Simpson

Recently a memorial sign for Grace McDonnell, one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings was stolen from the Memorial park in her honor.   

A vinyl sign weighing 50 pounds was stolen last Tuesday from the Grace McDonnell Playground.
The sign featured a peace symbol that was based on the 7-year-old girl's drawing. She is one of the 20 children shot by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, 2012.

But WAIT there's more: 

Grace's mother, Lynn McDonnell, found out about the theft when a man claiming to have stolen the sign called her.

During a brief conversation, the sign-stealer allegedly told McDonnell that he took the sign because he believes the school shooting was a hoax, reports.

He also taunted her that her daughter never existed, a comment that suggested he thought McDonnell was part of the alleged conspiracy.

Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and six adult staff members at the elementary school after killing his mother at their nearby home, in one of the most infamous shootings in recent history.
However, a small group of "truthers" allege the shooting never occurred or was part of a ‘false flag’ operation designed to open the door to the confiscation of all guns by the government, The Raw Story reports.

Now we finally know why Robin Vos refused to take up a resolution honoring the victims of Sandy Hook on a party line vote.

Assembly Republicans refused to consider a resolution honoring the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting during its last regular session of the year — despite the fact that several of them were listed as co-sponsors.

Democrats tried to force a vote on the resolution, which was not scheduled to be taken up. The measure wasn't allowed to come forward, on a 53-39 vote.

The resolution, which would designate Dec. 14 as a day of remembrance for the victims of the 2012 mass shooting, passed the Senate with unanimous support in September. All 33 state senators were listed as co-authors on the joint resolution, which Rep. Katrina Shankland, D-Stevens Point, brought to the floor on Thursday night.

"I did not expect Republicans to choose to politicize this," Shankland said Friday. "This was meant to be a nonpartisan or bipartisan way to commemorate and honor those teachers and children."

 "They said, in no uncertain terms, it would not be scheduled," Shankland said, adding that her only recourse was to bring the bill to the floor during the last scheduled session.

Has anyone checked Robin Vos's office for the sign or his phone for calls to Lynn McDonnell?



  1. So who's anus is vos preppin' to suck on in the pic above?

    He is one heck-of-a flecher!

  2. I am a "Samantha Hook Truther".

    That is, I can claim there is NO Samantha Vos. I know I haven't seen a Robin Vos wife in Wisconsin for about two years. I claim he has no wife. I claim Robin Vos is perpetrating fraud on taxpayers of Wisconsin by accepting benefits for a non-existent wife!

  3. I live in a state where this type of mentality is the norm. It's maddening and very scary. Many of our bloggers belong to a conspiracy blog where most of its members stalk and terrorize unsuspecting victims for different causes.One woman is being cyber-stalked because she had an infant die. Others are being stalked so they'll be forced to pay extortion fees and pay large amounts of money for security equipment and door locks. They go through trash and continually drive by or sit in front of their victims homes. They will argue like they are institutionalized. Others find them fascinating and astute.

    It won't be long until other crime related incidents occur. These are not nice people spewing hyperbole as they like to call it; nor are they teaching 'critical thinking.' They do much damage to health-both physical and mental-and destroy any community in which they reside.

    My state ranks among the worst in almost any category there is. It's like a destructive virus that is killing many. They want to pull everyone down to their level with their constant idiot nonsense. These people are cowardly and will go after family members of those who do not agree with them. It's some type of weird club with their own jargon and loyalties assigned.

  4. I have heard that Wisconsin was the ONLY state in America where a resolution honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting was unable to pass the state legislature.

    Anyone know if this is true?

    If so, what a shameful statement about the values of the Republican controlled legislature in Wisconsin.