Wednesday, May 28, 2014

School Choice Wisconsin Shows Their Hand

By Jeff Simpson

There has been much discussion lately about the poorly named 'School Choice" debate, and no matter how they run the numbers, charter schools under perform public schools every time. 

Even Luther Olsen, has had enough of the BS.

State Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon), chair of the Senate Education Committee, looks at the program differently than Vukmir. He said it's not about kids on the outside looking in to private schools; it's about kids on the inside looking out for a check.
"The question is, what is this purpose of this program? Is it a program to help poor kids get out of public schools, or is it a program to pay for the tuition of kids who are already in private schools?" Olsen said. "It's pretty obvious from the last two go-rounds (of applications) that it's the latter."
Olsen said the Legislature and governor will have to decide if the program is going to be a new entitlement program, and if so, how the state would pay for every child in a private school.
Its so rare to hear a republican in WI talk sense so make sure and read that quote again.

However the telling quote of this debate came from Terry Brown, vice president of voucher-advocacy group School Choice Wisconsin(emphasis mine):  

Terry Brown, vice president of voucher-advocacy group School Choice Wisconsin, said there's a "natural suppression" in the number of overall applications because many parents and private schools didn't want to roll the dice on applying to participate with so few seats available under the enrollment cap.

Terry Brown is pointing out that if the odds are not stacked in their favor they are not interested.    School Choice Wisconsin,does not want to play if they can't guarantee a win.  

Another subpar lesson that the voucher schools teach their children, along with a nice tell on what his interests are* for the future of WI!   

*hint they are not in your best interest!  

How bad are things for the School Choice movement now?  So bad that they have enlisted their gopher Christian Schneider to regurgitate a bunch of silly BS

You know you are desperate when Michael Grebe loans his coffee boy out to your cause!  


  1. The push for voucher schools will lead to two school systems, separate but UNequal. Welcome to the re-creation of education southern style, pre-Brown vs. Bd. of Education. Once again, Walker is leading the way for Wisconsin to become "Wississippi." Let's just change our motto to "Backward!"

  2. I have never figured out why these are not called bailout schools or TARP schools.

    1. They should be called vulture schools

  3. Luther Olsen's questioning of the statewide expansion gets right to the crux of the problem. That is the unspoken ultimate motive for voucher promoters: to get the public to pay for the private education that had been traditionally been paid for the students' parents.
    They are now playing up the idea that the enrollment cap should be done away with, without any consideration for the financial ability of parents to pay.
    As Robin Vos was quoted at the GOP convention: “We never should have had a cap...The next time around, that cap will be gone.”

  4. Replies
    1. Your welcome, I figure the more people that know what you are about, the better chance we have of stopping you!

  5. I also hope that the more people know about the things are going on in educational system the more chances we have to change something. Unfortunately it seems that lots of parent just don`t care what their children do at school, the worry much more about the financial part of the problem. It is clear that these factors are closely connected. If students want to be competitive they should work a lot after classes searching for additional help (for essay help apply here ) but to my mind they are supposed to get knowledge at school as the result they lose motivation too early.