Friday, May 23, 2014

Wisconsin Reporter Changes Gears


By Jeff Simpson

The latest Marquette poll numbers are out and the gubernatorial race is dead even!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A new Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday, May 21st finds that the Wisconsin governor’s race has tightened to a dead heat — with both Gov. Walker and challenger Mary Burke receiving the support of 46% of registered voters.

According to the poll, 6% are undecided and say they do not know whom they would support.
That represents a significant tightening of the race from the most recent Marquette Law School Poll in March, which Walker led 48-41.

According to one of the more accurate polls in recent Wisconsin history, the Governor's race is tied at 46 % on each side.  This of course leads Mr. Kittle and the objective "news" team at the unfortunately names Wisconsin reporter to come to this conclusion.

Do latest poll numbers suggest a recall-style rout for Walker?

We all know research is frowned upon with our friends on the right so let me help:

 dead heat

1. Sports A race in which two or more contestants compete evenly or finish at the same time.
2. A political campaign or other contest that is so close that it is impossible to predict the winner.
The question is, what is happening at Wisconsin Reporter?

Unlike macIver, they have actually done some reporting over there in the past(albeit rarely) and recently have turned into cheerleaders.  We know Grebe, Bauer et all are scared about the upcoming elections but why the push on WI Reporter and why is Matt Kittle so willing to ask how high to jump?   Is he trying to fill the cheerleading blogger void, until Judge Prosser finds a way to allow the Boots and Saber's of the world back in the game? 

Whatever happened, it is clear they have changed gears and are now fighting it out with Christian Schneider to see who can be the GOP's #1 cheerleader. 





  1. Why did Boots and Sabers forld?

  2. About the poll... Never mind that the 5-6 point advantage that Walker has had in past polls may have been wiped out in the most recent poll for one extremely valid reason - The % of dems. polled is 5% greater. Seems a little too obvious huh?

    1. Actually Corkscrew, Dem +4 is typical in Wisconsin, and is counterbalanced by "Independents" who mouth every RW radio talking point there is.

      There have been 2 other polls that also had the race even, both from right-wing outlets, interestingly enough. But if losers like you act shocked in 5 1/2 months because you refuse to deal with reality, and choose to rely on Wisconsin Distorter for your info, it'll make it all the sweeter for us in the reality-based community.

    2. Jake - exactly right. Corey's trying to unskew the poll the same way Dean Chambers did in the 2012 Presidential election. The RW bubble repeated his "findings" to the point where the shock that Romney was never even that close was palpable...and fun to watch.

    3. Wisconsin is approximately Dem +4 in party affiliation. Most independents skew right however, that means that this poll is probably accurate outright. It certainly means that the race is open, and though I'm far away, I love WI and used to come there every summer for GenCon for many years (Milwaukee) I may throw a little money to Mary Burke. I would like to see WI with a decent governor again, and this dude isn't it.

  3. Wisconsin Reporter has gotten more brazen since it became the leading poison pen trying to close down the John Doe 2 investigation since last October.
    Wisconsin Club For Growth has publicly spearheaded the fight to shut down the probe. Eric O'Keefe heads WCFG, along with R.J. Johnson (leading advisor to Scott Walker campaign), and John Connors (a Director of Special Projects for the Leadership Team at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, which started Wisconsin Reporter as part of its operation. The Franklin Center was started by O'Keefe's Sam Adams Alliance.)
    Here's a story about Matt Kittle:
    Franklin also says it trains its reporters to search through dumpsters as part of its corruption watchdog duties. What about SKW's dumpster?!

  4. Cool part of Prof. Franklin's interview on WPR's Joy Cardin Show: when he speculated that the republican negative attack ads against Mary Burke are likely to be the cause for her increased poll numbers.