Saturday, May 3, 2014

Scott Walker is Whistling Dixie...

By Jeff Simpson

This afternoon, at the Wisconsin republican convention, the confederates will be voting on whether Wisconsin should secede from the rest of the United States and be our own sovereign nation

Seriously, they are!

The problem with the vote to secede, is not that the republican confederate party is against it - they are not. The problem with the vote to secede, was the press finally shone a spotlight on the craziness and extremism of the republican party in WI.   

Of course anyone who has read CogDis knows how extreme these people are. Unfortunately for the people of WI, the media plays into their propaganda BS.  However a little short term memory or a minute on google and you realize that the vote to secede fits right in to what they have been doing and saying for the last four years

Nine Republican members of the Wisconsin Legislature say they would back a bill to arrest any federal officials who attempt to implement President Obama's signature health care law in the state.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the nine state lawmakers told the Tea Party-aligned Campaign For Liberty that they support authorizing "state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health scheme known as Obamacare."

One of the nine lawmakers backing Campaign for Liberty's proposal is state representative Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield), who told the Journal Sentinel that he believes the health care law is unconstitutional.


Wisconsin Obamacare

Luckily/unluckily for 140,000 and counting Wisconsinites, the Wisconsin republicans have been as unsuccessful in arresting federal officials as they have been in creating jobs or keeping down debt. 

Quick, what is Bret Hulsey doing now

PS:  Speaking of crazy Wisconsin rednecks, has anyone seen republican Assembly leader Bill Kramer?  While he shirks his duties as an elected official, he has no qualms in accepting our paychecks!


  1. Turning down Medicaid expansion, trying to stop Common Core due to "indoctrination", and trying to eliminate the state income tax is also a very Confederate, as I noted back in December.

    Hulsey's an obnoxious, self-absorbed jerk unworthy of a vote, but his analogy is more accurate than WisGOP and the media want to admit.

  2. In a letter released Friday with the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee letterhead, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and 53 of his fellow Republicans in the Assembly called on delegates “to reject the worthless resolution.”

    [...“This resolution would only serve as a distraction from all of the great conservative policies we have been able to enact with your help,” the letter states. “We need to win elections and we will not win elections on a platform that includes secession.”...]

    What stands out to me is not that they don't support a secession resolution. It's that they are afraid they won't win if there is a secession resolution.

    Vos's letter wasn't an outright shaming of the the concept. It was a "please take it down or we could lose" appeal.

    Walker knows it. That's why he's got Charlie Sykes on full throttle to talk the Tea Party caucus off the ledge, distancing Walker & Co. from them and walking this thing back before the election.

    The thing is, Wisconsin is not the only state that has introduced secession and nullification resolutions. Their beloved Tea Bags have them all in hot water.

    And lest we forget, Walker was the original Tea Party in WI.

    Put THAT in an attack ad.

  3. Brian McWhatthefuck is so completely absurd. Texas v. White. Secession was not legal. Marbury v. Madison. SCOTUS has the final word on what is constitutional. Articles of Confederation, no longer in force. Sorry resumptive clauses are not in the Constitution. Wrong. Wrong and just plain stupid. No Tenth Amendment twaddle. Even as a revisionist this clown is second rate.

  4. Walker is the state GOP's focus, protecting him at all costs. Sykes and Bice now try to disassociate him from the rest of the Tea Party because they have been exposed for promoting ideas that greatly offend Wisconsinites.
    The thing is, the TP has come to dominate the Republican Party. Secession and nullification are part of Tea Party thinking. Walker and the rest of the TP radicals in the legislature may now--since the public has seen what they stand for--try to run from their hidden agenda, but they cannot hide from it.
    They worry that it will turn off Republican voters, that people might stop to think twice about their candidates, as well as giving Democrats cause to replace them this November.
    Our DPW needs to indelibly stamp this on the Teapublicans. That's not going negative, that's just stating the truth about them.