Sunday, May 18, 2014

Politifact Forgot The Rating

By Jeff Simpson

Politifact looked at Scott Walker's ridiculous claims that he created 17,000 job - producing  new businesses. However, they forget to give his statement a rating.  Let me help.  


The facts are, the deeper we get into Scott Walker and the republican's policies, the worse we are off

Seriously though, if you are the Governor of a State, where your slogan is "Open for Business" and you have delusions of grandeur of think you are qualified and popular enough to be President of the United States, would you really think you were successful because Wauwatosa started a new little league team and girl scout troop?   

I am sure his peers at the G8 summit would be very interested in hearing about his success of forming the Montello little league.   They would be longing for the good ole days of dubya.


  1. Today's MJS Politifact treads lightly on Scott Walker's business creation performance, though it at least mentions that the ruse of counting "business entities" is really misleading.
    As you see, Politifact would not even provide a rating: I suppose that doing so would be considered a political attack. After all, publishing most any negative factual information is somehow partisan to Walker--it might not be right for his campaign, after all.
    With 28,000 jobs created in 2013, SKW is not improving his performance. We can't let SKW get away with trying to convince us that 250,000 by mid-2015 (after the election) is the new standard.

    Why can't Walker stick with his campaign promises?

    Volunteering for a fledgling new business entity does nothing to help provide for a family household. Most of us are not about to sign up for Little League...

  2. walker is a habitual liar and everybody let's him get away with it.

    Not sure why ??

  3. The paper made up for their brazen temerity by running that "Have the John Doe Inquiries Gone Too Far?" fluffer piece, today. It's Page 1, the Headline News Article.

  4. Scott Walker is an amazing politician. A college drop-out who struck it rich. His formula for success it to promise results, but move on before the "chickens come home to roost". He is the right time with the right promise type of guy. Milwaukee Executive: ran against an embattled Tom Ament. Governor: ran on promise of creating 250,000 jobs. President: he crippled the public sector unions in Wisconsin. This turd needs to be kicked to the curb. Let's end his reign of terror.