Thursday, October 30, 2014

Compare/Contrast Wi Visitor Edition

By Jeff Simpson

We have had no shortage of political celebrities visiting WI to GOTV for the upcoming Gubernatorial race lately.  The company we keep says alot about us, and I think we have the perfect example.  

Governor Scott Walker who has run a divide and conquer strategy to perfection:


Mr. Walker has had his good friend Chris Christie come to campaign with him a few times.  here is Mr. Christie responding to a "heckler" who is actually a Hurricane Sandy victim who wants to know why the Governor is still sitting on 80% of the funds used for Hurricane relief. 


Mary Burke has actually had President Obama here and let's see how he handles protestors:


That pretty much says it all, one party, one candidate respects all points of view and one doesnt.   Which one do you want running our state for the next 4 years?  

I think the choice is clear!

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  1. This is why I voted for Obama. This is why I vote Democratic. It is not full of a bunch of bullies who can be bought off by big money. They care about PEOPLE!