Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scott Walker on Abortion

H/T Jud @UppityWI

It is so typical of the person we know Scott Walker to be. He can't even come out and say YES, he shakes his head to give himself deniability later.  Thank Goodness this reporter pushed him on the answer.  

To be perfectly clear, small government hero Scott Walker opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest!  No exceptions.  


  1. Nice catch.

    Life begins at rape.

  2. How anyone can support Walker and claim he is an ethical candidate is beyond comprehension. Walker takes the party stance on abortion. So what? So did Romney. But like Walker, his stance applied to the people but not him or his family. Romney ' s son who used a surrogate for the birth of his twins had a clause in the contract that if the twins were defective, Mitt ' s son/daughter in law had the right to force the surrogate to abort. FACT. So, all the sheep who believe in Walker for his ideologies....that doesn't apply to him, his family or his high ranking donors. Money rules Walker - not you.

    1. Great hypocrisy catch. Can you provide documentation?

  3. The man cares not for you or me .....only himself and his political future. What is it that convinces his followers that he is one of them and he will take them to the promised land. In 4 years he's taken them and this state no where but he has convinced them that some groups have it better than them and therefor they need to be taken down. They applaud this action but don't realize he's done nothing to improve their lot just made everyone less well off. I've always felt if some get better we all get better as we're all in this together. Walker chooses to sell the idea if some are made worse off that makes you better! NOT!!!!!

  4. Governor Vaginal Ultrasound looks like he has been asked to pee in a public.