Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scott Walker: Minimum Wage "Doesn't Serve A Purpose"

Scott Walker has never liked the minimum wage much. While the country is making a push to raise the minimum wage, he likened it as a mere distraction. Walker has maintained his opposition to raising the minimum wage despite the fact that the nation's leading economists have advocated it.

It got to the point where more than a hundred minimum wage workers filed complaints with Walker, pointing out that state law requires that the minimum wage be a living wage. Wisconsin's minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, more than $4.00 per hour less than what a living wage is.

Walker dismissed the complaints off-handedly.

The issue came up again on Tuesday while Walker was meeting with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, when he put his foot in it again:

"I'm not going to repeal it," Walker said. "But I don't think it serves a purpose because we're debating then about what the lowest levels are at. I want people to make, like I said the other night, two or three times that."
Unfortunately, due to his plantation economics, the only way that a person could make two or three times that is if they are working two or three jobs.

Sadly for Walker, reality doesn't match up to his rhetoric.

In the past month, several news stories have come out showing what a feckless weasel Walker really is:
It's not that the minimum wage serves no purpose, it's just that it doesn't serve Walker's purpose of advancing his plantation economics.

On the bright side, if thee is one, is that Walker said he won't repeal the minimum wage. It must be for the same reason he turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid funding - he just cares too much.

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  1. It is easy for the Governor to say the minimum wage does not serve a purpose. That statement from a career politician who make six figures, lives in a mansion in Maple Bluff surrounded by paid guards, and jets around the country raising millions from the uber rich for his political war chest. The only way the 1% keeps their reigns is to hold down the bottom 44%. Does he have a credibility issue on this topic?

  2. The time has come to pay our legislators a living per diem........they say that $7.25 is fine to live have at it.....enjoy!