Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Women Will Win It

Now that's it's election time, and Overlord Walker has a very serious possibility of losing his governorship, (you don't spend $2 million dollars one week before a major election because you're winning) he's decided that sucking up to us women would be a good idea. Whether it's  determining our reproductive freedom, or politicians telling us we absolutely do not need equal pay, our future as women can see very bleak, but we do have the opportunity to change it.

You'll have to excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing Scott Walker's new ad about women's equal pay and how he and his lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch of "gay marriage means you can marry your dog," fame, now support it. Never mind that he repealed Wisconsin's equal pay law or believes that $7.25 an hour is enough for people to live on. Oh no, Walker loves women! So much so that he wants to stick us with invasive vaginal probes if we dare exercise our right to have an abortion.

In this new ad, Wisconsin's own Sarah Palin, Rebecca Kleefisch, lies to us with a straight face that Scott Walker supports equal pay, and that Mary Burke just wants women to be sue-happy to get their way in the workplace. It's hard to know where to begin dissecting the complete and utter BS that gets thrown at the viewer in 30 seconds, so let's start at the beginning. Kleefisch says, "I find it so insulting that Mary Burke would say that we're making it harder for women to earn equal pay." THEN DON'T REPEAL LAWS THAT MAKE IT EASIER FOR WOMEN TO EARN EQUAL PAY.  Congrats Palin Jr, you've managed to make me sit here and literally not know how to respond to such a resounding lie. Next she's going to convince us that the sky isn't blue or the grass isn't green, or snow isn't white (white of course, being the favorite color of the GOP.) "Under Scott Walker, workplace discrimination will always be illegal." Again, we HAD protections in place to keep it illegal, and Walker got rid of them. "Mary Burke wants to create more opportunities for women to sue. We want to create more opportunities to succeed." Just stop. Please.

All joking aside, this ad is incredibly offensive. Does Walker really think this commercial is going to fly with women? Like we suddenly forgot the inhuman treatment we've received from his administration? If this is supposed to win us over, it has failed horrifically. This just shows the utter contempt that the GOP has for us. They think we're stupid, they think we're weak and that we'll cave to their lies. That sending a woman in front of a camera to tell us to ignore what her running mate has done to us will work. This is the EXACT reason why the Republican party isn't winning with women and they never will.

I encourage everyone to do so and to vote for Mary Burke! And if you're up in my neck of the woods of southwestern Wisconsin, also cast your vote to keep Ron Kind in congress and to send Pete Flesch to the state assembly! Politicians who know how to respect the rights of women that so many fought for for so long and continue to fight for. The women's vote is precious and our very lives depend on it. On November 4th, women will win it!


  1. Wow, they really created an opening for Team Burke with this one. Hammer the minimum wage and the repeal of the equal pay protection, 2 demonstratable facts. And SKW, please, sending a woman to explain to everyone how good you are for women? You make me want to hurl.

  2. He is one sick SOB!!! He'll openly lie to your face and kick you in the backside when you're not looking. Doesn't he remind you of the pervert offering candy to a child to get his way. He is doing to women what he has done to the public relative to the budget. Turns out he balanced the budget not only on the backs of public employees but borrowed $1.3 billion to balance his first budget. His 2013-2015 budget includes borrowing $2.05 billion to balance the budget. The man is a liar and a cheat who will say and do anything to advance his personal goals. He cares nothing for Wisconsin, its citizens and he cares even less for women's issues!

  3. Why-O-Why does anyone believe anything this lying SOB says. The only thing I can figure is he thinks there are enough low information voters out there to tip the scales in his favor. Sadly those idiots could very well condemn Wisconsin to 4 more years of lying, cheating and selling off Wisconsin's assets.

  4. Governor lying bastard. Women, please vote for someone who truly looks out for your interests.

  5. Where is the "Koch Phone call" Burke should be running it non stop. Property taxes ..HA ! Mine and everyone i know taxes have gone UP ! In most cases ALOT ! The money has to come from somewhere dropout Governor Scotty Koch owned and proud of it.

  6. Effing Lying P.o.S. No wonder people hate his guts.

  7. Walker will win by 4 to 5%. You got to be a fool to vote for someone who hasnt had a job for 7 years.

    1. Walker's only non government job experience is McDonald's, so....lol yeah.

  8. factually incorrect,but lying is what you morons do best

  9. Slightly off topic but stands in contrast to the chrn coming out of RightWisconsin and Wisconsin Reporter. SHAREWORTHY.


  10. Is Rebecca Kleefisch the closest thing that Wisconsin has to Yogi Berra at this time?

    "We didn't do those things we did."

    Just in case Skippy wins, how many weeks will it be before he makes his first trip to Iowa? I don't think that he can hold out for more than six weeks.