Monday, October 27, 2014

Just In Case!

You thought Wisconsin Eye was nonpartisan(picture from facebook):

Wisconsin Eye has a place to donate on their website, make sure and send your hard earned dollars there so next year Charley Sykes can eat the Bone-IN Rib Eye during the made up righty award show


  1. WISEYE has Diane Hendricks on their board

  2. Diane does not have the public ' s interest at heart. She has enormous wealth yet makes it a priority to help enact legislation that reduces wages, seeks right to work legislation and disenfranchisement for those in the middle and lower class. Why is this ok? Why do we allow her to use her assets to the detriment of our society, our communities? Let me be clear - Diane has money because she married the founder of ABC Supply. Then she ran the company after her husband met his death in a very questionable and untimely way. He fell from rafters in his garage which was under construction. Has anyone ever investigated his death? Diane scares me. She is so filled with greed that even though she has ample wealth she still isn't satisfied. Why it matters to her if WI is a right to work state baffles me other than she doesn't value people who work for her, other than her children. Use your vote Nov. 4th to stop Scott Walker and his crony Diane with their backwards adjenda. Tell Walker his policies aren't welcome in WI!! VOTE MARY BURKE NOV. 4TH - NO VOTER ID NECESSARY.