Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Real Glenn Grothman

The REAL Glenn Grothman



  1. In today's Fond du Lac Reporter headline story "Petri will not endorse Grothman" congressman Petri said "Why would I endorse a person who has said that if in two years people said he was 'just like Petri' he would be insulted?... Grothman said if the GOP turns down the path Petri did, he would be against it... I always feel you want to reach out and work with people--that has been my approach to both parties."
    Petri noted that Democratic challenger Mark Harris had done "a fine job" as Winnebago County Executive, then jabbed Grothman for ducking out on the tradition of having debates in each of the counties in our district.
    The article also notes that Grothman is turning down interviews for issues coverage, preferring to have questions emailed to him.

  2. I'm a big Harris supporter (the guy is scary smart on budgetary issues and runs a strong ship in Oshkosh). I just wish there was more of this earlier, to draw Grothman out of his shell, as Glenny is clearly scared of his new constituents.

    If Harris runs another ad, he should end it by saying "I'm Mark Harris, and I will represent the good people of east-Central Wisconsin in D.C. with decency, and you'll never be embarrassed to say I'm your Congressman." Shaming the thought of supporting a slug like Grothman should be a big factor here, especially among the GOPs left with a shred of self-respect.

    1. Jake,

      There are no Republicans with any self-respect left in this district.

      Let me tell you a true story.

      A 25 year old got piss-faced drunk and smashed his car into several trees. Somehow he lived.

      His small business owner father, who proudly calls himself a beer-guzzling redneck, hates Obama and Obamacare. His employees, who include his son, get no health benefits. So his son has no health insurance with injuries that will cost hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars.

      Now the small business owner father is trying to get his son on Badgercare, and hopes Badgercare will approve expensive rehab for his son. I wonder how much Scott Walker turning down Medicaid, and thus allowing fewer to have Badgercare, will hurt the chances for the severely injured Obama-hater's son to get Badgercare.

      The chances of the Obama-hater voting for Burke and Harris are about as likely as this small business owner admitting that if his son had enrolled in Obamacare, getting him proper medical treatment would be much easier.

    2. I forgot one thickly ironic part of this story.

      The small business owner who provides no health benefits is having a fund raiser for his son with Papa John's. So we have a 25 year old severally injured man, who should be on his father's health insurance if his father has health insurance, having a medical fund raiser because he has no health insurance with a company that proudly refuses to provide health insurance to its employees.

      Does this true bizarre story help you understand why someone as bizarro as Glen Grothman looks like he will replace Petri in the House of Representatives?

    3. The guy should step up and pay his son's medical bills himself. I'm sure he hates the "nanny state.". Silly Wepublican, socialized medicine is for lib-tard wimps, right?

    4. I'm not saying there aren't some total post-McCarthy weirdos in parts of that district (great story and illustration of that type of pig-headedness) but a lot of the area away from Lake Michigan isn't so bitter, and are very flippable in the right situation.
      Many of the self-respecting GOPs have turned Dem in recent years, and you'll notice the counties in the 608 usually turn up blue in presidential elections. In fact, I think this district as a whole voted for Obama in 2008.

      Yes, 2008 was an unusual set of circumstances, but so is an election featuring a goof like Grothman.

  3. I would like to invite anyone who would even be thinking of voting for this pig to watch the mine hearings on wis-eye channel. Thank you.