Friday, October 3, 2014

Yet Another Embarrassing Tweet By Scott Walker

After the Green Bay Packers routed the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, Scott Walker decided to post this tweet to commemorate the occasion:

Considering that one of the bigger contributing factors to the Packers easy win is the fact that the Vikings' premier running back, Adrian Peterson, was not playing due to allegations of child abuse and the NFL's recent spike in incidents of domestic violence, Walker again put his cyber foot in his cyber mouth with this insensitive tweet.

And to think, this is coming from a guy who was just campaigning about how sensitive he is to domestic violence, too.

Chalk it up as just one more lie told by a master liar.

H/T to James Wigderson, who apparently not only thinks that this is OK too, but it's worth joking about.


  1. I like it! No Plagiarism in this. Go Scott Go!

    1. That's good satire of how dumb the average Walker Pom-Pom waver/ supporter is. Well played

      No class with these guys at all, is there?

    2. You do realize that this "plagiarism" nonsense was Scott Walker duping you, right? How's it feel to be played for a sucker?