Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walker's Two Employment Gaffes

In Friday night's debate between Scott Walker and Mary Burke, Walker had two major gaffes when it comes to his dismal record regarding jobs and workers.

The first gaffe, as my friend karoli points out, came when Walker said that we don't have a job a work problem."  In other words, there's plenty of jobs out there, it's just that we Sconnies are too stupid, too lazy and/or are all druggies and can't fill those jobs.
problem, we have "

Fortunately, someone at Team Burke was actually on the ball and jumped on this gaffe:
On Saturday, Burke pounced on the comment during an appearance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"I don't know how many of you watched the debate last night, but Governor Walker said in the debate that he didn't think Wisconsin had a jobs problem. Right?" Burke said. "Well, I want to be a governor who acknowledges the challenges that we have and is going to focus on the ideas that are going to move us ahead and will make sure that Wisconsin has a vibrant, growing, thriving economy so that when you graduate from college, there are going to be job opportunities for you to be able to stay in this state."

Democrats appeared eager to provide their own spin on Walker's statement, suggesting that the governor was somehow saying that anyone who really wants to work could find a job in Wisconsin.
Unfortunately, they miss the fact that the real problem isn't a skills gap, but a pay gap. We have a lot of skilled workers, but the companies don't want to pay the workers a fair wage. Therein is the real problem. If the companies would show a little respect and pay a fair wage, they would have more applicants than what they know what to do with.

The other gaffe, as I pointed out at Crooks and Liars, came during Walker's closing statement, when he said:
"You know, a lot has changed over the past four years. Think about it, we have the lowest employment rate we've had, well, since almost six years ago."
How about that?! Walker finally admitted that his agenda is not working - for us anyway.

Oh, I know that his apologists will point to the state having a supposed 5.8% unemployment record, but I addressed that issue as well:
Along with his other ALEC-driven policies, Walker and his Teapublican allies in the state legislature set about to screw with the unemployed.

Even though new unemployment claims were at an all time high, Walker understaffed the call center for unemployment compensation. Hey, if people can't get through, they can't file claims and thus they can't be counted as unemployed.

Then Walker and friends put an even tighter squeeze on the unemployed. They passed changes to the rules to make it harder to get unemployment compensation, wait up to six weeks for the first check if one was approved and made it harder to keep receiving benefits. Showing what cowards they are, they made these changes without so much as a public hearing.

Nothing like kicking people when they're down.

Now it's time for Wisconsin voters to kick him down and out.*

*Geez, I hope I don't get accuse of plagiarism now!


  1. Another observation, subjective though. Look for "team Walker" to demand a higher podium platform or lower camera angle so Scooter's bald spot doesn't show so much.

    1. the bald spot comes from the Koch brother's patting Walker on the head after he gets done servicing them like a good prostitute