Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Worst of Dodgeville!

By Jeff Simpson

The Republicans have so gerrymandered the state that they do not even try and run qualified candidates anymore. They are running people who will do what they are told, so qualifications be dammed. From running Bill Feehan, whose resume includes a domestic battery charge for choking his ex girlfriend,to the ethically challenged Robin Vos, to Joel Kleefisch, who allowed a donor to write a bill which would have allowed him to escape child support

Now they have another All Star to add to the lineup --- Todd Novak.  Novak is running for Assembly District 51 and is the mayor of Dodgeville.   Novak also likes to drink!  

 Dodgeville police encountered Mayor Todd Novak twice this summer in alcohol-related incidents, neither of which resulted in citations. This comes after a public event a year ago where numerous sources said Novak bragged publicly about getting preferential treatment from the city's police department in regards to driving drunk.

 Police records show officers stopped Novak from driving home drunk at 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 20 after he "staggered and nearly fell" on the way to his vehicle. He called his next-door neighbor and friend, Dodgeville police Sgt. David J. Bauer, to drive him home. The two men traded numerous emails this summer about Bauer's candidacy for the position of Dodgeville police chief, with Novak writing that Bauer left out "personal aide to the mayor" on his resume.

 However, court records show Novak was arrested on May 18, 1990, in Dodgeville for operating while intoxicated after failing Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. That charge was dropped when blood tests taken roughly an hour after the arrest showed Novak was one-thousandth of a percentage point under the legal limit.

Last October, at a Best of Dodgeville event, three sources said Novak was in a group of people when he was warned not to drive home from the event because he was intoxicated. The sources said Novak was warned about getting pulled over for driving while intoxicated with one source saying the mayor responded, "It doesn't matter because I have a Mayoral Pass. I won't get into trouble."
However, this story and Mr. Novak give us probably the best example of symbolism in terms of how they have treated our state these last four years:

 Earlier this summer, an officer intervened as Novak allegedly was urinating on a building in downtown Dodgeville. Now-retired Dodgeville Police Chief Dave Kieffer said he did not know why that incident was not written up by officers.

Let's make sure Mr. Novak keeps his partying in Dogeville only, and elect a great candidate in Dick Cates to represent the 51st


  1. Well Gee whiz, pun intended. Some body has to use all
    that Wisconsin Beer.

  2. WI has become a good Ole boy network. Scott Walker never had people in roles they were qualified for, he put loyal soldiers in positions to protect the Teflon Don. Scott Walker's day will come. El Chapo evaded authorities but eventually was caught. John Gotti kept getting away with corruption until he finally got nabbed. Scott Walker (the other Teflon don) has evaded authorities but his day is coming. Walker will be held accountable and he will see his career as a free loading, political hack crumble. Walker is a paid tool & when he becomes a liability, his owners will hand him over. Walker will be disgraced like Nixon for the self serving sociopathic
    narcissist he is.

  3. Is alcoholism mandatory for Republican office holders?

  4. Todd Novak, Whizzoner.