Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Walker Spiral

Election time is once again very near. I can see it from my house, just like Sarah Palin can see Russia! Har har. Okay, but seriously, we all have SO MUCH riding on this election. If you kvetch about politicians and policies you don't like, while at the same time thinking about how NOT voting is somehow some rebellious act that makes a difference, you've forever given up your right to complain. This isn't one to sit out. This election for the livelihood our state of Wisconsin, the state we all love so much, is really do or die. It's time to vote out Scott Walker. And not only him, but his GOP minions in the assembly and state senate. They're all in lockstep with Walker, and in order to make change, we need to get rid of them all. Also, how many of Mary Burke's campaign staff have been to prison or are currently under investigation? Oh yeah, NONE. Do you think Walker ever visits his friends in prison? Or would he like to pretend they don't exist? Hmm, that's a question someone really ought to ask!

Think about the people you love. Your parents, your kids, your spouse, your neighbors and friends. The policies currently enacted by Gov. Walker and his GOP friends have had serious and real consequences on you and those you love. Whether it's stealing money from kids in public schools, or hurting our returning veterans, Walker has proven time and again that he cannot be trusted in office. Just look at his promise to create 250,000 jobs. He touted that promise for months on the campaign trail in 2010. Now that he's had 4 years to act on that promise and has failed miserably, he's abandoned that talking point and wants it to go away. If we can't trust him to keep the promise that was the epicenter of his campaign, we cannot trust him at all.
Is this really what we want for another 4 years?
 If we allow Walker to be reelected on Tuesday, it will be more of the same. Wisconsin cannot afford to continually allow money to be taken from our children's schools and put into the hands of millionaires under the guise of "job creation." We've already proven during the Reagan years that trickle down economics doesn't work. So why would we want someone who will continue to do it? Does anyone really believe that handing rich people more money will somehow inspire them to use that to put people back to work? Because I don't believe it, and neither should you. He hasn't even come close to creating 250,000 jobs (but wait, I thought government didn't create jobs?) and he never will. Job creation comes by putting money back into the pockets of workers and their families, not millionaires. And that's exactly what Mary Burke will do.

Most of all, and this must be echoed everyday, if you're a woman, this election is crucial. Scott Walker wants us to suddenly believe that he never wanted to keep women from making equal pay with men, or that he didn't want to illegally probe us with an intrusive and unnecessary ultrasound while women excercise the constitutional right to abortion. He believes we're idiots that, when sweet talked by his lieutenant governor in their latest campaign ad, we'd forget these things. That putting Rebecca Kleefisch in the ad to tell us that, oh no, she and Walker DO want us to succeed, and that Mary Burke just wants us to sue employers, will work. All this proves is that Scott Walker thinks you're an idiot. He thinks you are dumb enough to believe that he didn't sign away women's equal pay protection, or that living on $7.25 an hour is sustainable for yourself and your family. Do you really want someone like that in office? Yeah, me neither.

So, long story short - Get out and vote on Tuesday and take everyone you know with you to the polls! We cannot afford 4 more years of the same policies that have sent Wisconsin into a spiral that Walker wants to continue to take us down until we eventually hit rock bottom. That's when Walker we'll leave to go run for president, leaving us to clean up his mess. Wisconsin is known for being a state of hard working people who support each other and their neighbors. Mary Burke knows that. Mary Burke is the only candidate running for governor who is fighting to strengthen Wisconsin's working class, who'll support women and working families and make education affordable. And she needs help by us supporting other progressive candidates running for office in the state. If you haven't believed before that voting is crucial to our livelihoods, believe it now.

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