Sunday, October 19, 2014

Proof That WISGOP Lives In The Past

So, I received this mailer on Saturday:

The first thing I noted was the irony of WISGOP, who tried to restrict early voting as much as possible, is now telling people to vote early.

The next thing I noticed the repeated mentions of Governor Jim Doyle. They do know that Doyle is not running, right?

But the thing that really cracked me up is that it was addressed to the previous resident or current owner.  Keep in mind that the previous resident hasn't lived here for over 15 years.

Not only are their policies from decades in the past, so are their mailing lists.


  1. It's ironic that they claim Mary Burke doesn't have a jobs plan of her own. Walker doesn't have any ideas of his own! He's a puppet who gets his marching orders from Koch, ALEC, and the tea party.

  2. Don't be so certain it's their mailing list that's old. Sounds a little to me like voter caging.

    Milwaukee County Elections Commissioner Rick Baas added that the event’s attendees should all remain on the lookout for what he called a “really weird” phenomenon. “If people start to get mail at their homes around election time addressed to people who don’t live in that house, what you need to do is collect that mail and get it to me, so I can see if that person is registered to vote at your address,” he said. “Then we’ve got a case, a case Democrats say we don’t have.”

    1. Link to his quote:

    2. You beat me to it on the voter caging part. This would be how the GOP rolls- send mailer with wrong person intentionally listed on address, then claim the person that lives there now is ineligible or somehow fraudulent.

      WisGOP is setting up their excuses for losing and/or trying a strategy to steal it. They can't win it straight-up