Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wisconsin Republican Party Is Stalking Women!

By Jeff Simpson

This is downright creepy!

 Tonette Walker was awarded the Augustus Pinochet's good friend award from Right Wisconsin where she had this to say.

 On this particular day I was shopping at Mayfair Mall when I received the call from the security detail who told me about the protest. I was to stay there. They were going to come right over and bring the boys. We spent the night waiting out the protest in the food court…now, if you asked Scott...he’d tell you that I’m always at Mayfair Mall, so…maybe the protesters didn't win that day!
Thank God that Tonette was able to have taxpayer funded security detail to keep her eyes safe from having to see protestors.   I mean we all know our country was founded on conformity, and there is no room for protest!  

With Mary Burke showing signs that she can actually win this thing, its is time that she had a taxpayer funded security detail also.   The republicans are becoming unhinged once again. 

 They have been this much of a danger to society since the recall.   I wonder who sanctioned this creepy person to stalk Ms. Burke?  Joe Fadness?  Scott Walker?  Robin Vos?   I fear for Ms. Burke's safety as we get closer to the election!  


  1. And Ms. Burke, sans bodyguards, doesn't dignify this clown's loaded question..... making me like her even more.

  2. No doubt Governor Walker lead the nation in creation of body guards jobs and women stalker jobs. I wonder what illegal or illicit pot of Walker money hired and paid the stalker?

  3. I'm thinking that Mary Burke proves here that she is able to do at least one thing that Scott Walker, apparently, is incapable of doing -- walk in a public place without being surrounded by bodyguards. A place where she can be seen and talked to and asked questions by normal everyday people (or Republican stalkers, as the case may be). And then she can choose not to answer the questions instead of blurting out a word salad of nonsense. So, three things :-)