Sunday, October 26, 2014

John Doe Gives Scott Walker An Early Halloween Scare

Last Monday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke ran this ad which included a five second blurb regarding the John Doe investigations into Scott Walker and his staff doing illegal politicking from his then office suite as Milwaukee County Courthouse.

On the same day, the current Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele, announced the release of the third batch of documents from the Walkergate investigations.

On Tuesday morning, even before the emails were released, much less anyone had a chance to look at them, Walker and his apologists went on the offensive, not caring just how ridiculous they looked.

For example, the Wisconsin GOP announced they were filing an open records request, because...reasons:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin today filed an open records request with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele following the politically motivated release of more than 16,000 pages of documents from his office exactly two weeks before Election Day. The announcement came just hours before Mary Burke’s campaign released a desperate TV ad that mentions the same subject, leaving little room for question on the direct coordination and political motivations behind the premeditated attack.

“Mary Burke and Chris Abele – one of Burke’s top campaign contributors – are directly coordinating messaging and the release of documents from a government office in their pathetic pursuit of an October Surprise. The documents have been in Abele’s possession for months, yet he’s choosing to release them now, with exactly two weeks until Election Day,” said Joe Fadness, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “The timing of this release is questionable at best and no doubt politically motivated as Abele has given more than $63,000 to Mary Burke’s campaign. Since Chris Abele has given Mary Burke the maximum amount of money allowed under the law, he had to find another way to contribute to Burke’s campaign. Voters deserve answers from Abele after this slimy political stunt.”
This has to be one of the most glaring examples of IOOKIARDI that I have ever seen.

The Walkergate emails have shown that Walker's campaign staff and his county staff were collaborating with each other, the Republican Party and other candidates. Furthermore, we have since learned that the dark money groups funded by the Koch Brothers and Bradley Foundation have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Wisconsin, giving it to Walker directly or indirectly.

One of my personal favorite lines is when Walker says that this is old news, that the case was closed two years ago and he was never charged. As if that somehow makes it all OK.

The thing is, six of his aides and friends were charged and convicted while over twenty other people received immunity in exchange for their testimony. The original John Doe led to the current John Doe, which Walker and his friends are going to no ends to stop.

While this Scott Walker might try to deny any culpability in this whole sordid affair, that is not what the Scott Walker from four years ago would say:

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  1. Governor Bald Spot has reason to be concerned. His email will be full of sexist, racist and exploitive commentary. Bend over Governor, you are about to have a quasi-vaginal ultrasound experience in full view of the voting public.