Friday, October 24, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXV

With ten days to go to the election, we get this timely reminder of just how well Scott Walker's job plan is working out (emphasis mine):
CNH Industrial will indefinitely lay off about 150 workers at its local tractor plant on Dec. 1.

Jeff Vassh, president of United Auto Workers Local 180, confirmed the news Friday. He said the company informed workers about 10 days earlier at a regular quarterly meeting.

Vassh said CNH will shut down second-shift tractor assembly as of the layoff date and slow tractor production from 40 a day before the layoffs to 30.

There are currently about 850 production workers, all union employees, at the plant, which makes Case IH Magnum and New Holland 8000 series tractors, Vassh said.

“It’s all market-based,” he said — layoff decisions had nothing to do with the quality of the work or the product, Vassh added. The agricultural equipment industry as a whole is in a slump, also affecting CNH competitor John Deere & Co., for example.
Walker killed the market when he took $3 billion out of the economy and out of our pockets to give to his wealthy friends.

We really can't afford 4 more months of this much less four more years.


  1. No one, in any state, can afford Scott Walker in politics PERIOD! He is perhaps the dimmest person in politics - and his lack of finishing his degree proves that he does not have the intellect or the willpower to stick things out when they get tough. Half the time, Walker looks like he is stoned with his droopy eyes and doe in the headlight daze. I wonder if he even understands half the things he is asked. He is certainly the most disingenuous politician in America. His smile is as fake as his answers. His parents live at the house in Wauwatosa, drive a car that has so many Walker bumper sticker it is truly embarrassing and yet his father, who is a religious man, still stands by his lying son. What is wrong with their family???? Scott Walker's security detail is costing us a fortune, and if Walker was SOOOOOO unintimidated as his book says... why does he constantly stand behind his police protection?? The fact is Walker is a wimp...a loud mouthed coward. Walker does not have an original idea in his pea sized brain. If God has mercy - he will free us of Scott Walker's rule! EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE!! We will have 4 more years of insanity if this crook is re-elected!!

  2. CNH lay offs have more to do with global warming than the Wisconsin economy,,,Drought means low cattle numbers when they can't get grass for most of their life, which then means they don't eat corn for several months before they go to market.

  3. Global warming?? But Walker doesn't believe in that!