Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scott Walker - Soothsayer

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker ran around the state telling anyone who would listen that the state was over $3 billion dollars in debt and Wisconsin was broke.  Which led to yet another a Pants on Fire rating for Scott Walker from Politifact.

It turns out Politifact was premature!   It seems like, after four years of republican rule, we will be lucky to escape with only a $3,000,000 deficit! It is bad, and getting worseThe republicans and Robin Vos, have a plan though on how to address it(emphasis mine) ------  RUN!

 LA CROSSE – As Wisconsin’s budget situation continues to deteriorate, legislators and state residents have struggled to get straight answers from Gov. Walker’s administration and Republican leaders. Public anxiety and suspicions regarding the state’s $3 billion budget deficit have intensified after the only scheduled meeting of the Joint Finance Committee was hastily cancelled late last week.

Democrats have asked Republican leaders to explain how the committee planned to move forward and address the immediate budget deficit crisis. Some Republican lawmakers have indicated a budget repair bill will be needed. Others have said they intend on making millions in unspecified cuts over the next several months. Others have said nothing at all.

See if Politifact had just waited until Walker's first term was done they could have given him a 100% true rating!   Scott Walker was just telling us what he had in store for us after four years of his rule!

No need to talk of the true damage that republicans have wrought until after the election.  Luckily we at COGDIS were able to snap a quick picture of the republicans on the joint finance committee when asked about the huge deficit that we will face in January! 

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