Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Your Tax Dollars At Work - Boss Abele Style

Just happened to see this on Facebook:

I'm curious as to why Boss Abele thinks it's a good use of our tax dollars to promote his Facebook page?  

And why is he kissing up to Wauwatosa? Is it so they approve what he and his House of Lords at the Greater Milwaukee Committee plan on doing with the land that the mental health hospital is on?


  1. because they all 'kissup" to everyone who gives them $$$$

  2. Perhaps Abele is paving the way for the City of Waukesha Lake Michigan water diversion that will return water to Lake Michigan via the Underwood Creek. Have you noticed how much construction is being done in Wauwatosa along the Underwood Creek and where it joins the Menomonee River at Hansen Park? I always assumed it had something to do with a flood abatement program, but given the way our County Exec, Governor and State Legislators have been working behind closed doors, I'm not so sure.