Friday, October 17, 2014

Fitzgerald's Day

By Jeff Simpson

Senator Scott Fitzgerald recently took time away from trying to intimidate women, to celebrate Columbus Day!  

This week, our nation celebrated Columbus Day, an annual holiday honoring the anniversary of explorer Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas in October of 1492. While this event represents various meanings to many residents of Wisconsin and others throughout the United States, Columbus Day has a special significance within my district’s local city of Columbus, Wisconsin.

Columbus, named after the famous Italian explorer, holds many monuments to this crucial moment in American history—the highlight of which is the city’s Christopher Columbus Museum, located within the World’s Largest Antique Mall and Museum.
Many people are wondering, why is Columbus day still a thing?


Columbus was quite a guy!


Scott Fitzgerald has really become a cartoon character of a politician:

Here he is exploring like Columbus!   


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