Thursday, October 9, 2014

Did You Hear About Brad Schimel's No Good, Totally Rotten, Couldn't Possibly Get Worse Week?

It got worse.


  1. ” The GAB has in the past interpreted this to mean that personal expenses cannot be paid for using campaign funds."
    Heard on yesterday's news (thanks WPR) that Robin Vos is proposing a shakeup of the GAB. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Robin Vos needs to be removed from office. He is has 0 interest in listening, let alone representing, his constituents. And he is a serial adulterer whose last wife voted in 2 states ILLEGALLY.

    I think it is realistic to say that Republicans vote on laws to prevent everyone else from doing what the Republicans have been doing forever. Voter fraud is just 1 of the crimes committed by Republicans. Pathetic.

  3. According to Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules 20:8.3 (a) Schimel would be required to report this offense to the appropriate authorities. If he himself did not do this he is also in violation of the Supreme Court rules.

  4. Let me get this straight: Schimel lied and deceived to protect a fellow Republican party official and lawyer to lie and deceive to protect a fellow Republican party official and county employee to lie and deceive to protect Republican Governor Scott Walker, who is the consumate liar and deceiver. Is there a pattern of lying and deception here, or am I missing something?

  5. Brad Schimel will win election in a LANDSLIDE. He is exactly the kind of politician Wisconsinites are going to vote for. Brad Schimel will make a great Attorney General. He will make Democrats follow every law, and give a free pass to all his Republican friends.

    Brad Schimel already looked the other way when one of his Republican lawyer friends DESTROYED EVIDENCE that could have implicated Governor Walker. For that, Brad Schimel will get millions of dollars from the Koch brothers' dark money groups.

    Brad Schimel will definitely be an improvement from current Republican Attorney General JB VanHollen. VanHollen willfully looked the other way when his fellow Republicans committed election crimes. Brad Schimel will actively work to aid Republican politicians in breaking the law, and give them the green light to destroy evidence.

    Brad Schimel is the kind of Attorney General that Scott Walker needs to make a successful run for President in 2016 and RULER of the WORLD by 2020.