Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dog Whistles of Autumn

Photo: With Scott Walker and Ron Johnson for the #WIComeback tour today. 5 days and counting. Are you in for four more years?

By Jeff Simpson

The Republican "superstars" of Wisconsin are on a #wicomeback bus tour of WI.  It is comprised of such people as Scott Walker, Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.), Rebecca Kleefisch, Ron Johnson, etc... 

They are trying to get out the vote in rural Wisconsin and that sound you are hearing is one LOUD Dog Whistle!  

This week, when I traveled through Wisconsin's Republican strongholds, I found something close to a panic about a close race that could be stolen by voter fraud. At a Saturday get-out-the-vote rally in conservative Waukesha County, headlined by Representative Paul Ryan, speaker after speaker warned that the Walker-Burke contest could be decided by faux votes from Milwaukee, the heavily segregated city down the road.

 "We don't have vans that are bribing folks with cheeseburgers in the city of Milwaukee," said Vicki McKenna, a conservative talk radio host based in Madison. "Theirs is a by-any-means-necessary movement: Drag people to the polls by promising cheeseburgers and cigarettes ... they're dragging people to the polls promising everything from barbecue to smokes."
 Do you see what she is doing there??? 
In politics, to make an innocuous statement which is designed to trigger previously indoctrinated bigotry & hatred without being recognized by outsiders for bigotry or hateful speech.


It really is quite disgusting!  Lets make sure it does NOT work!  Wisconsin deserves so much more than that!  

Vote for Mary Burke!  


  1. Thanks Jeff, for your work, your values and your integrity.

  2. If Walker handed out cheeseburgers rather than bits and pieces of Wisconsin to his supporters he could say, with a very practiced voice, Do you want fries with that? The right is making a big deal about Mary Burke's Trek experience taking a division from $3 to $50 MILLION a year and Walker's only private job experience is McDonald's!

  3. Wasn't it Ryan and Romney that handed out free sub sandwiches for votes in 2012? I think it was in Waukesha. The Waukesha DA must have been too busy.

  4. Darn it I just stepped in a big pile of Walker. It stinks like corruption and it sticks so bad to my shoes I have to throw them out. This man and his cohorts will one day pay for all the damage they have done! If that day is not Tuesday lets make sure to go public with everyone of his lies....especially the big one that he denies the huge budget deficit he has put us under!

  5. Walker is even trolling little breweries like American Sky Brewing of Hudson, WI.

    Here's a chance to boycott a business if you don't like what they stand for.

    Choose another Wisconsin brewer.

    One that wants to be a part of Wisconsin.