Monday, October 6, 2014

The Honey Fibber!

By Jeff Simpson - Cross posted at Purple WI

The Honey Badger has taken the internet by storm.  It is a quick three minute video(NSFW) showing The Honey Badger in his natural habitat and how nothing bothers it.  
In Wisconsin, we are lucky to be home of his distant relative the Honey Fibber!   The Honey Fibber is native to Assembly District 72 but can also be found in rare sightings around Madison
See Honey fibber was elected in  2010 while making many campaign promises.  One of them was that he vowed  "not to collect one cent of (legislative) per diem money ever".  See honey fibber he dont care what he said, he is going to collect $10,560 in per diem(ie taxpayer money) for "working" 120 days.  
The Honey Fibber is really pretty bad*ss, he has no regard for any voter whatsoever.   Ewww what's that?  He even promised to serve for a maximum of two terms.   Honey Fibber don't care as he is running for his third term.   As HF says:
"My kids are 11, 10, 9, 8, 7. If I went there for more than four years, they'd probably disown me.
"So even if I don't favor term limits," he continued, "I'm putting a term limit on myself right now for all the audience out there listening. Four years — done. Whoever else wants to come along, more than fine."
We have this crazy thing called the First Amendment, but Honey Fibber, he don't care about no amendments.  He will ignore those things and sue a blogger for writing a story he doesnt like
What's interesting is other candidates will go out and actually meet with constituents.   The other candidates will actually attend public forums, but Honey Fibber will back out with no explanation.  Honey Fibber does not need to meet with the people of his district, they know he does not mean what he says anyway.
So this election season be careful of the Honey Fibber, I believe there is more than one running around WI!


  1. The Representative from the 72nd Assembly District has weighed in with a "lame" comment.

    If the name fits, wear it Honey Fibber. The Assembly is full of furry little nocturnal creates that call out govenment as wasteful and useless but have no compunction eating out of that garbage can when we are not watching.

    Thanks Jeff for shining a bright light on those varmints. It is fun to watch their beady little eyes glow under scrutiny.