Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Is This Man In Your Mailbox?

By Jeff Simpson

Brookfield's Bob Reddin is the registered agent for a dark money corporation inexplicably called "Jobs First Coalition(JFC)"!  Chances are if you are in a competitive district in Wisconsin, he has cluttered up your mailbox with filth.

  It is a group dedicated to electing Republicans in Wisconsin via really negative mailings.   JFC has almost a million dollars on hand, and regularly gives to such extremist groups as Wisconsin Club For Growth and American Federation for Children(starting to see a theme?). 

They are registered as a 501(c)4 whose stated goal is: 

devoted to making the creation and retention of family-supporting jobs the top priority of government and community leaders in Wisconsin.
 The problem they have is they forget to mention jobs in any of their negative misleading hateful ads. To be fair though, they did create some jobs(albeit legal) when a complaint was filed against them for their despicable attempts to derail Assemblyman Steve Doyle.

JFC is at it again, this time smearing Attorney Dana Duncan in a last ditch desperate attempt to get the honey fibber re-elected!

JFC coalition sent a mailer to Assembly District 72 that was beyond the pale.


What really happened in this case?  According to Jason Zencka of the Stevens Point Journal:
A Plover man received a 20-year prison sentence Monday for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy he
baby-sat in April 2006.
Jeremy W. Smith is accused of sexually assaulted the juvenile as many as 25 times in the boy's house while the boy's
parents worked out of town. Smith only spoke once during the hearing, to say he did not wish to speak on his own
Charges against Smith came in May 2007, shortly after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls in 2006.
Smith is serving a 14-year prison sentence after being convicted of those charges.
At the time of his previous conviction, Smith said through his attorney, Sheila Kessler, that he did not assault the girls,
although if he did, his actions were committed during a time in which he "blacked out." Smith pleaded guilty to spare
the girls the emotional turmoil of trial, Kessler said.
On Monday, Smith's new attorney, Dana Duncan, said that Smith had only admitted to assaulting the 7-year-old boy
once in April 2006, not several times.
Descriptions of Smith's own childhood during the hearing verged on the nightmarish, with Judge John Finn describing
Smith's father as a man who sexually assaulted Smith and threw knives at him. Smith was later sexually assaulted by
his mother, said Finn, who said she would leave Smith and his siblings in a house for days without food or running
Little was said about Smith outside of his childhood abuse and his criminal history, both of which were lengthy.
Smith's new sentence will run consecutive to his previous sexual assault sentence. The first 10 years of his new
sentence will be served in confinement, the last 10 in extended supervision.
"There is potential for Mr. Smith, despite these heinous crimes, to actually be able to deal with these demons and try
and overcome them to become a relevant member of society," said Duncan.

While Bob Reddin is the current figurehead of JFC, it was originally founded by formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen.  It was Jensen's first foray back into politics after leaving in total disgrace from the orginal caucus scandal.  This explains where the fear mongering, lies and lack of ethics come into play.  Also, Mr. Reddin is an Alderman in the city of Brookfield.   Maybe it is time for his constituents to ask why he would take part in such a despicable, unethical shadow election ploy and ask him what else he is hiding!!

Bob Reddin
18020 Royalcrest Dr.
Brookfield, WI 53045

Phone: (262) 781-4029  

Also help Assembly District 72 have real representation for a change and elect Dana Duncan!

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