Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Reality of Teaching

By Jeff Simpson

No matter how many times you whine about the teachers union, you have absolutely no idea what a teacher does all day

Here are a couple people explaining it:


  1. wah ha ha ha -- you're a lying liar. Teachers are some of the highest paid workers in their communities.

    Unless your a new teacher -- but then the union took your dues and members bullied you out of education.

    Simpson knows this -- shameful post -- educators are not underpaid and increasing pay will not improve education.

    Teacher's unions asked for it -- the public is better off without them -- and so are children.

    But don't expect the truth here.

  2. Nice post Governor Walker. Glad to see the latest Marquette poll has you trolling the blogs rather than making ANOTHER campaign commercial lying about your pathetic record.

    So is THIS what you do after dining with your best friend, Judge Randa?

  3. That would be, "teachers' unions," addressing the belligerently ignorant troll in the first anonymous post. Unless one is speaking about one specific teacher, who happens to belong to multiple unions.....

    ..... that all "asked for it."

    If you want to avoid Saturday detention, please submit a 500 word, signed essay, summarzing how and why "it" was necessary to cut pay from workers and pass on the savings to the governor's biggest donors, in the form of tax breaks.

  4. Is there another profession that constantly needs pampering and pads on the back? Sheesh, even emergency nurses or our military personnel or a hundred other job are more demanding. You never here them whining like many teachers.