Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everyone Who Wants A Job Can Find A Job - Unless You'e Disabled

One of Scott Walker's talking points during this campaign is that "anyone who wants a job can find a job," insinuating that if you can't find a job, well, that's because you're a no-good, lazy, stupid, drug-using bum.

Of course, we all know all too well that this is not true. It's just Walker's way of shifting the blame onto his victims.

Walker's rhetoric really falls apart when it comes to disabled people, when Walker actively refused to accept help that would help them get jobs:
Thousands of people with disabilities must wait for months to access state employment services, although the DVR has not requested the full amount of federal funds available to it for the past three years, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has found.

That means more people like Peebles must remain on the waiting list, and for longer periods of time. And people with less serious disabilities are likely to receive no help at all, public records and interviews show.

DVR currently serves about 17,000 people, while an additional 4,077 are on its waiting list. Last year the agency found jobs for 3,200 people.
To make things even more outrageous, Walker is only doing the least he can, by law, when he could do so much more:
In the new fiscal year, Wisconsin will receive $55.6 million in federal funds to run its employment programs for people with disabilities, and spend $15.1 million in state funds. That is the minimum amount the state can spend on the $71-million-a-year program without being subject to federal penalties.

Wisconsin could get an additional $14.2 million in federal funds if it were to come up with a $3.9 million match to cover funding for the next two years, which DVR officials acknowledge would allow them to serve more people.

“If we did receive our full state match we could work with another 3,000 individuals,” DVR administrator Mike Greco said.

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau said earlier this year that DVR could nearly eliminate its waiting list over two years if it were to accept full federal funding.
Is there no limit to Walker's sleaziness?


  1. Governor Pee in a Cup is a disgrace.

  2. Then why can't my wife find a job? You are such an ahole. Just go away. Far away like North Korea.

  3. Anon 5:56: and you think someone who outsourced 99% of her company's jobs will help your wife find a job any faster? Pffft.

    1. Go Pffft yourself, Anon 2:05. Trek employs a thousand people in Wisconsin, but Burke is a Democrat, so Walker rips her and her family's company. Maybe the only ray of sunshine in Wisconsin's pathetic job situation under Walker is Epic Systems. But Walker never mentions that company, because Judith Faulkner donates to Democrats.