Saturday, October 4, 2014

Milwaukee Voters! Know Your Referendums!

In Milwaukee County, voters will have five referendum questions - one from the state and four from the county.  Because these questions can be confusing and misleading and the anti-democracy, pro-poverty factions will try to mislead people, here are the questions as they appear on the ballot:


Question 1: Creation of a Transportation Fund

Shall section 9 (2) of article IV and section 11 of article VIII of the constitution be created to require that revenues generated by use of the state transportation system be deposited into a transportation fund administered by a department of transportation for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin's transportation system and to prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund?


Question 1:

Shall the United State Constitution be amended to establish the following?

1. Only human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights, and
2. Money is not speech, and therefore, regulation political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.

Question 2:

Shall the next State Legislature accept all available federal funds for BadgerCare to ensure that thousands of Wisconsin citizens have access to affordable health care coverage?

Question 3:

Should the State of Wisconsin increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour?

Question 4:

Should Wisconsin Statutes be amended to allow Milwaukee County to transition its management and administrative functions from an elected County Executive to a professional County Administrator?

As I have previously posted, on October 15th, there will be a discussion of the five questions.

In case you can't make it, the proper answer - really, the only responsible answer - to each of the five questions would be yes.


  1. I agree some of these can be confusing and misleading. But simply typing them, without any explanation or discussion does very little to help.
    More information, please!

    1. The questions will be explained at the forum i linked to in the article.

  2. How many are binding referendums?

    1. Only the one from the state (the state constitutional amendment on the transportation budget) is legally binding. The four from Milwaukee County are non-binding.

    2. Correct. The county cannot dictate to the state.

  3. - it's a Trojan Horse courtesy of the oil-rich Kochs. Spread the word! The wording on the ballot us very misleading.