Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where In The World Is Joe Sanfelippo?

Did you catch that amazing debate between State Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R-Abeletown) and his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan, on Monday night?

Yeah, neither did I.  Nor did anyone else.

Even though a debate had been set for Monday night, Sanfelippo backed out of it without one word as to why he couldn't face his opponent or his constituents.

There is another curious - and possibly related - factor to this race.

Weishan reports that as he has been doing doors in this predominately conservative district, he is meeting a lot of people who normally would never vote for a Democrat are throwing their support behind him.  He said that this happens as soon as he says he's running against Sanfelippo.

Why would these two things be?

Are people realizing that Sanfelippo is not good for them, their businesses or for Wisconsin?

Are people disgusted with the way he and his brother run the family taxi business?

Or maybe Sanfelippo is afraid that people will learn about the scandal related to said cab company?

Are people getting fed up with Sanfelippo's undeserved arrogance and pomposity?

Or maybe people don't trust Sanfelippo now that he has become Boss Abele's last remaining candidate?

Whatever the reason, Sanfelippo is on the run from both Weishan and from the voters.  If you see him, please return him.

Better yet, don't even bother looking for the bum.  Just go out and support and vote for John Weishan for AD 15.


  1. I've talked to people working the streets for Rep Sanfelippo and they tell me the response at doors is thank you and John WHO?

  2. Ummm, those are whores you are talking to, yoSAMite.

    Nice that they know Sanfelippo by name and say "Thank You" to him.

    Not surprisingly, they don't know the last name of their Johns.....

  3. yo,

    how extensive is the secret email correspondence between Rep. Sanfelippo and Scott Walker?

  4. Sam, would those be people people or corporation people?

  5. John I don't know I'm out of loop.

  6. Anon, people who volunteer aren't whores.