Thursday, October 23, 2014

Walker Calls Out Clarke For Being Soft On Gun Laws

From my inbox:

Independent candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff Angela Walker, responding to news reports that security staff in the Milwaukee County Courthouse complex are routinely finding people attempting to enter the complex with loaded handguns, said that such persons should be detained by Sheriff’s deputies regardless of whether they hold permits to carry concealed weapons.

“The Courthouse complex entrances are clearly marked with signs warning that only law enforcement may enter while armed,” Walker noted. “If we are finding on a near-daily basis that civilians are entering the Courthouse complex with loaded firearms, that’s a clear danger to the public welfare and an equally clear violation of the law, regardless of whether they have concealed-carry permits. Such persons should be disarmed, detained by Sheriff’s deputies, and immediately referred to the District Attorney for possible prosecution. That’s exactly what the policy will be if I am elected Milwaukee County Sheriff on November 4.”

“Telling concealed-carry permit holders to ‘secure their weapons before returning to the Courthouse’ essentially means telling people to place their loaded weapons in parked cars,” Walker continued. “That hardly seems like a good idea to me.”

“This is yet another example of Sheriff Clarke’s arrogant, irresponsible behavior. Instead of issuing press statements sniping at the County Executive and judges, he should be working to show how Milwaukee County government is working as a team to protect our citizens as they use public buildings. All elected officials –including His Majesty David Clarke-- should remember that this is a republic, not a monarchy, and his badge is not a crown.”
Yet another reason why I will be glad to vote for this Walker on Election Day.

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  1. David Clarke is really a Tea Partier, a right-wing extremist who has no respect for laws or government.
    He is a featured player for those local economic royalists, who mostly live outside of the City of Milwaukee, who want county government to seem unnecessary.

    His gun promotion may make his NRA backers happy, selling lots of guns in the process, but has nothing to do with public safety for everyone in the county, which is what his elected job is supposed to safeguard.

    The concealed carriers like to say they're the law-abiding citizens, when in fact they flaunt the law, ignoring the restrictions. Laws and government stand in the way of their "freedom."

    You are exactly right to point out the Sheriff's inability or refusal to enforce it, as well his putting as bad light on Milwaukee County government.