Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Long, Lonely Journey!

By Jeff Simpson

Members of the Menominee Tribe, still upset that Scott Walker vetoed their dreams of a Casino and thousands of desperately needed jobs, decided to try one more time.  They decided to brave the bitter Wisconsin winter and walker to Madison and ask Mr. Walker to change his mind.

Hundreds of tribal members and casino supporters are expected in Madison Wednesday. Tribal leaders are hoping to meet with Governor Walker. Their journey to the State Capitol is symbolic and historical.

Dozens of tribal members have walked 150 miles from the Menominee Nation in Keshena to Madison. They've endured bitter cold temperatures and blowing snow.

"It's been tough," said former Tribal Chairman Craig Corn. "It tests your will."

Corn is on the journey. He has worked on the Kenosha casino project and has one question for Governor Walker.
Understand these are Wisconsin citizens, who are passionate about an issue and have walked step by step from Keshena to Madison to plead with their elected Governor to please change his mind!

Scott Walker said no, he was not interested.

 "Why meet about something that's already been resolved?" asked Governor Walker during a stop in Kenosha Tuesday. "It's kind of like meeting on a bill that's been signed into law. Once the law is signed, another meeting isn't going to change what the law is."

Well the answer to that is simple, You meet because these are constituents who are very passionate about an issue and have requested a meeting.   You meet out of respect for the office, the citizens and your responsibilities.   You meet with them because it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Scott Walker, whose only priority at this point is running for President, never thinks of the unintended consequences.  When you completely ignore your constituents, who do everything right in trying to set up a meeting to discuss important issues, then people who want to petition their elected officials must find other ways to do so.

That is why a group of people went to Scott Walker's house personally to deliver a message.  Scott Walker's proposed cuts to our education system are devastating and will have a ripple effect throughout our economy.  Mr. Walker has proven that unless you are a far right Republican extremist from Iowa, he is not interested in what you have to say.

Unless of course you have a Fox News polo shirt, then he will find the time for you:

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It is unfortunate that Democratic Leadership stood up for Scott Walker's despicable act and against their constituents also.

Another day, another shameful display by our Governor.


  1. The Iowa stuff is a distraction. Just a letter-writing campaign, no $$.

    There's been big anti-casino TV and radio buys (including a Super Bowl ad) by 2 Wisconsin groups. Mostly it's been Enough Already Wisconsin Inc., and to a lesser extent WI Family Action. Both are getting their money from Club for Growth, probably via Citizens for a Strong America.

    Not entirely sure of the motivation, but the same folks towards whom Walker has been funneling money and who have been taking direction from RJ Johnson and the Walker campaign have been funding the anti-casino astroturf movement all along.

    Go click the "contribute" button on Enough Already WI's website and see what happens. :)

  2. The man who is listed as Enough Already WI executive director worked on Tommy Thompsons campaign against Tammy Baldwin and made Tammy's sexual orientation an issue : http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/thompson-says-aides-messages-about-baldwin-were-inappropriate-3k6qqqv-169356086.html

    1. Yes, and he ran the Prosser 2011 campaign.

      And he appears to be under investigation in Oneida County for some shenanigans in County Board races:

    2. And check out who their Treasurer is:

      He's also Executive Director of Citizens for a Strong Sheboygan, a project of Citizens for a Strong America:

    3. Thanks for the links lufthase!

  3. It was governor Doyle that screwed them, not Walker. The only upside to the compacts he signed were his campaign donations.
    I was wondering if they will walk back home afterwards.

    1. Actually, your pseudonym is closer to truth of Walker's reason for turning it down. He's just following in the footsteps of Tommy Thompson.

    2. Wow, how cute... look at the two of you, commenting within seconds of each other. Posting from bed, perhaps?

  4. Will someone tell me why when the Potowatomi refused to pay Wisconsin the $25 million they owed to show their objection to a Kenosha casino why they weren't in violation of the Doyle compact they had signed and why their action didn't result in the compact becoming null and void by virtue of their non- payment? Secondly why did our unintimidated governor allow them to withhold payment and sought no legal action or opinion against the Potowatomi and why he allowed them to employ this brazen act of extortion against the state. This doesn't smell right and it has the distinct smell of corruption and under the table exchanges of money laundered through dark money groups that Walker is associated with.

  5. kind of reminds me of that guy who went to prison after playing indians against each other,while stealing their money...what was his name? Oh yeah, Jack Abramoff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Abramoff_Indian_lobbying_scandal

  6. This is a throwback to the horrific things that happened in the 1800s when the Indians would travel to Fort Robinson or the Red Cloud Agency to meet with the White Chief--only to be ignored or (worse) gunned down. Who would think that we would witness a similar act in 21st-century America, right here in "enlightened" Wisconsin? As a Native American descendent, it gives me a very bad feeling.