Thursday, February 5, 2015

Is Scott Walker Peaking Too Early?

As much as I hate to admit it, Scott Walker has had a pretty decent start to his presidential campaign. He did well in wooing voters in Iowa and won a silly online poll at the Drudge Report.

But as much as Walker thinks he is king of the world right now, David Catanese wonders if Walker is setting himself up for failure.

Cananese points out three areas where Walker could trip himself up. He says that if Walker doesn't win in Iowa's caucus, people will wonder what happened to him.

Catanese also points out that Walker will be targeted from all sides and that he is rather vulnerable, as he demonstrated last Sunday when he couldn't find anything big and bold to do in Syria.

Thirdly, Catanese wonders how long Walker can keep his song and dance going, trying to appease his red-meat teahadist base and the big money, establishment donors.

As Catanese points out, Walker has to keep up his charade of being a viable candidate for a long, long time:
The problem is that he's risen so early, there's ample time to pick him apart from every angle.

This isn't the Rick Santorum surge a week ahead of the Iowa caucuses. There's a whole year left on the calendar and Walker just might've earned himself several beat reporters solely dedicated to him. If he begins to stumble, the chattering class will wonder: Did he peak too soon?

Walker's situation is not unlike one of a decent college football team that jumped to a surprising, early lead against a top-ranked opponent.

With nothing to lose, the team rolled big early, and its aggressiveness was duly rewarded.

But that top-ranked opponent always makes a move for a comeback in the second half.

There's too much time on the clock left to try to just run it out against such a wide array of talent. Walker's going to need to play top-seed ball for 12 months.
I would also point out that Walker has a tendency to overreach himself and get a bit too cocky. This could present Walker with problems, including the backlash he is getting from going after all levels of education.

And if - more likely when - Walker and company makes Wisconsin the latest victim of plantation economics (otherwise known as Right To Work), the protests he will have to deal with will make the ones four years ago look like a stroll in the park.

Two years is a long time for Walker to try to keep all the plates spinning and keep all of the smoke and mirrors up at the same time.


  1. When does the national press take a good look at his "accomplishments" in Wisconsin? Where are the 250,000 jobs? Where did the WEDC millions go? Why all the lawsuits?

    1. The national press is owned in part by Rupert Murdoch (he hates the working man/woman), and Jeff Bezos (Walker gave him big $$ to open Amazon distribution center in Kenosha). The share of voice is weighted to the far right now. Good luck getting the truth about Walker out. Walker could literally lie, cheat and steal his way to the White House a la Nixon, get caught, and still find a way to weasel out of it.

    2. Emphasis on "weasel".

  2. I'm embarrassed to say that Walker has a home state advantage in Iowa. He spent part of his childhood in Plainfield, not far from where I grew up.

    If he becomes a real contender, other candidates might just cede Iowa to him, making NH the first real battleground.

    1. ya, john wayne gacy lived somewhere in Iowa too...

  3. Can't he simply cross out "search for truth" so those pesky reporters have to leave him alone?

  4. Kudos to Martha Raddatz for pressing Governor Grifter on his big, bold BS. Let's face it, our governor is not bright and when he tries to veer off talking points, it becomes clear how full of BS he is. He talks in circles, uses "we" instead of I, and rarely answers questions directly and succinctly. This guy makes Dubya look like a member of Mensa!

  5. Since David Koch ran for President in the 80's but couldn't get any traction, he will double down on Walker. Koch is too elitist and comes off as unlikable. His views are anti-American. However, Walker is the perfect mouthpiece. Walker looks harmless, like the guy next door, not real attractive but not a troll, dresses ok but not designer. Walker acts humble though he isn't, he references God constantly even though his policies are anti-Christian, and he sounds like a semi-educated hick, which makes him endearing to the tea party. While David Koch cannot get nominated, he can put everything he has behind Walker, who has and will follow Koch's orders. Walker is so wrapped in his own thirst for power, that Koch can make him do whatever he wants in exchange for the White House. And Walker will do it. Remember my post in 2016 if Walker wins. Save your money now. Prepare for more attacks, cause Walker will piss off ISIS more than an infidel reading the Bible. Our economy will tank, markets will tank and schools will tank. Gas and oil will soar and food prices will become inflated. Sounds like Putin in Russia. Walker is the Putin of America. Walker might not ride tigers or take his shirt off while hunting (thank God) but he can stick it to Americans and go "surgical" on ISIS. Yee-haw!

  6. We are at war. A war we may lose, as Admiral Lyons has pointed out. Stampeding too early to a man with zilch awareness of the foreign exigencies is reminiscent of the similar one to "dubya" bush jr, who also had zilch awareness of foreign policy at a time when it is mandatory, or our modern Troy with an unheeding populace may suffer the greatest catastrophe of our nation in its history. For God's sake people, wake up. Dubya One initiated the most foolish war in AMerican history, that created most of the shambles the Middle East is now in, and which began the greatest public debt in history, greater than all previous Presidents combined (that Obama more than duplicated this 4 term denoument of a great nation is beside the point). Dubya Two, and the stampede to him will also be MADNESS. Wake up, patriots, for Dubya Two will be a repeat disaster. Wait until the field widens. Governors John R. Kasich and Mike Pence are real , even visceral LEADERS. Maybe its time for our historic wisdom in choosing a Military Patriot, like a Petraeus. The best would be the President of the English Speaking Union, General Josiah Bunting III, who oozes integrity.
    Stop and think. Repentance is essential, and fasting, return to the LORD, and prayer for wisdom! Listen to Frank Gaffney and 4 Star Admiral Lyons now:

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  7. you think Walker is the Antichrist?