Monday, February 23, 2015

The President Hunter

By Jeff Simpson 

Apparently we have come out with the sequel to the important 70's film the Deer Hunter.  The Deer Hunter is explained as:

An in-depth examination of the ways in which the U.S. Vietnam war impacts and disrupts the lives of people in a small industrial town in Pennsylvania.

The sequel being made before our eyes is a called The President Hunter and stars our very own Scott Walker.   The President Hunter can best be described this way:

An in-depth examination of the ways in which, the absolute lust to be President by their Governor, impacts and disrupts the lives of people in a small Midwestern state - Wisconsin.

Scott Walker, during his "I'm not running but I am really running for President official 2015 National Tour", likes to tell a story.  

 Scott Walker, on tele-town hall, tells Iowans about death threats: "gut my wife like a deer," and "be the 1st WI gov to be assassinated."— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) February 3, 2015
I think we can all agree that who ever said anything about "gutting Tonette like a deer" is one sick f&ck and needs to be arrested and hospitalized.   The person who would say that needs serious serious help.  

What I believe we disagree on is who exactly said that.

See it is out in the public and a story told and retold numerous times.  So someone had to originally say it.   The problem is there is overwhelming evidence that the person who actually said that was ---

Mr. Walker has never ever produced this message in any form, anywhere.   Mr. Walker also has a history of lying about his dangerous situation that protesters have put him in, that would make Bill O' Reilly proud.

Add to that a recent AP story that the Justice Department admitted that there is are current death threat investigations regarding Scott Walker.  

Madison - The Wisconsin Department of Justice has no open investigations into death threats against Gov. Scott Walker, the agency said Monday after Walker's office released more than 100 pages of emails and other documents showing perceived threats made against him over the past two years.
Walker's office released 116 pages of documents Friday following an open records request from The Associated Press.
Anything perceived by Walker's staff to be a threat was saved and referred to law enforcement, said Walker's assistant legal counsel, Teri Hatchell, in a letter accompanying the records. Hatchell said the records were released after consulting with law enforcement to ensure doing so would not jeopardize any investigations.
Department of Justice spokeswoman Dana Brueck said the agency has no open investigations.
Walker's spokesman declined to comment.
Most of the threats in the documents provided to AP come from shortly after Walker took office in 2011, when the Republican governor's proposal to effectively end collective bargaining rights for most public workers resulted in massive protests that lasted weeks. The most recent email was from February 2012.
The threats came in the form of emails, letters and tips from Walker backers pointing to postings on websites such as Facebook.
The records include about 65 messages, including at least 25 from the same person.
That person sent insulting emails to Walker but also left his telephone number.
The Department of Justice previously released details of threats it investigated that were made against Walker and state lawmakers.
Only one case where a person made threats against Walker or lawmakers has led to charges in Dane County. In that case, a Cross Plains woman emailed death threats to 15 Republican state senators in 2011. She pleaded guilty to making a bomb threat and was placed in a first-offenders program.

If Governor Scott Walker can produce and does the message stating that someone actually said that about Tonette, I promise a full apology and correction to the story.   I do not foresee that happening.

If Governor Walker can not, which many suspect and the evidence is overwhelming, then he is truly one twisted individual, to say this about his wife in order to get more support from his base.  

In my mind it would be a lie where people should demand immediate resignation from his position,

What will it be Governor, will you show us who actually made this threat to your wife, or is your silence on this topic the answer we need?


  1. Walker loves a good story especially if aids him in his political mission. The evidence is growing that he is a pathological liar who wants to appear the "VICTIM" at anyone's expense, even his wife and family.

  2. Hmm since sportsmen/hunters only got screwed over in the latest round of cuts and this claim was surrounding Act 10 I do smell more bullshit. "I grade you as poorly as a chronically truant student!" would be more in line with the 2011 protests.

  3. GREAT IDEA! Just give the Gov. a few minutes to dig through his hate mail. You know, since I am sure it put away in a very special place. One that is secure, but yet has easy access so he can pull it out and read it whenever the mood strikes. Who doesn't keep 4 year old hate mail, am i right? And even if it is a lie, a resigning offense?!?!? I could see if he lied about, oh i don't know, overhauling the healthcare system, but you could still keep your doctor if you like your doctor..... wait...

    1. If you read the story, we see he has only 65 messages that might be considered threatening of which at least 25 came from the same person. now you are down to under 40 and im pretty sure he could find that piece if it actually existed.

      Why is Walker allowed to lie non stop and Brian Williams loses his career?

    2. If Walker made up another story about how threatened he is, and made up details, he needs to be thrown out of office. Why Corey would you support him. He lied about his car being rocked back and forth in La Crosse, you know, the story where he feared for his life. He lied about his mom and son being spit on in the grocery store. If this pile of BS is going to lie about things to make people feel sorry for him, what do you think he would do in a crisis? No one should expect the truth to come from his mouth. No one should support the liar, except maybe another liar. Then you get into the real problem, the fact that he has the undivided support of the state GOP. Of course this is only true now that he ran the one honest person out.
      By the way, if someone threatened his wife in such a way, they would be charged with a felony. If he didn't pursue the issue as governor of Wisconsin, he should be kicked out of office. Think about it, who in the heck would let somebody off with threatening his wife's life. Could it be that it never happened????

  4. I think you and everyone reading this blog are more than capable of making threats to Walker and worse, Homer. Just like you're willing to say that Jim Bender is a NAMBLA enabler and go after the Walker kids, I don't think there's anything you don't justify on political grounds.

  5. Walker is intimidated. He is a punter and a liar who has others carry his manure. Anon. 8:53 pm smells just a little bit shitty.

  6. Democratic senator John Erpenbach got exactly one less credible death threat than walker did in 2011. One assumes the other 14 dem
    senators got a similar quantity.