Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scott Walker _________ Tour

By Jeff Simpson

I need your help.  

While Scott Walker has been campaigning for President the last four years, he officially kicked off his campaign the morning after he won re-election.  Now he loads up on taxpayer money and heads to Iowa as often as possible.  

A quick check of his biggest donors and we see that Wisconsinites are not very well represented:

Hendricks, Diane MBeloitWIABC Supply Co$529,100.00
Perry, Bob J & DoyleneHoustonTXPerry Homes$500,000.00
Uihlein, Elizabeth & RichardLake ForestILU-Line Corp$279,500.00
DeVos, Richard M & HelenGrand RapidsMIAlticor$271,000.00
Adelson, Miriam & SheldonLas VegasNVLas Vegas Sands/Adelson Clinic$270,000.00
Humphreys, David CJoplinMOTAMKO Building Products$270,000.00
Atkins, SarahArlingtonVATAMKO Building Products$260,000.00
Herzog, Stanley MSt JosephMOHerzog Contracting Corp$260,000.00
Kern, Patricia & RobertWaukeshaWIGenerac Corp$220,000.00
Kellner, Ted & MaryMequonWIFiduciary Management$163,905.83
Roberts, Batsheva & RichardLakewoodNJMutual Pharmaceutical Co Inc$135,000.00
Friess, Lynnette & FosterJacksonWYFriess Associates Inc$130,700.00
Ryan, Shirley & PatrickWinnetkaILRyan Specialty Group$130,000.00
Kovner, Suzie & BruceNew YorkNYCaxton Alternative Management LP$120,000.00
Hertog, Roger & SusanNew YorkNYRetired$120,000.00
Shannon, Mary SueMilwaukeeWIHomemaker$110,000.00
Stephens, Warren ALittle RockARStephens Inc$110,000.00
Ricketts, J JoeBondurantWYAmeritrade$110,000.00
Nau, Barbara & JohnHoustonTXSilver Eagle Distributors LP$110,000.00
Bacon, Louis MNew YorkNYMoore Capital Management$110,000.00
Childs, John WWalthamMAJW Childs Associates$110,000.00
Pieper, Richard RMequonWIPieper Electric$107,110.00
Rees-Jones, Trevor DDallasTXChief Oil & Gas LLC$100,000.00

Dig a little further and we see that Mr. Walker truly does believe in pay to play.  With so many out of state millionaires funding his campaign, that means lots of out of state contracts
Executives from three of the four construction companies that won a bid for a $197 million state office building project have contributed more than $58,000 to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s campaign.
The team chosen for the project is comprised of C.D. Smith Construction in Fond du Lac, Gilbane Inc. in Milwaukee, HGA in Minneapolis and SmithGroup JJR in Detroit.
Campaign finance records show executives of C.D. Smith contributed $57,000 to Walker between 2009 and 2014, led by the two Fond du Lac families that own the company. Thomas, Robert and Cindy Baker contributed a total of $26,000, and Gary, Justin and Patrick Smith gave $24,500 to Walker.
Wisconsinites do not need the work anyway.  I think everyone has given up thinking that jobs were ever a priority with Scott.   

So here is where I need your help.   Now that Mr. Walker is running for President and will only be making rare appearances in WI, what should we call his Presidential tour.  

The best I have now is

"The Scott Walker 50 State Presidential Tour"*  

*Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin excluded

I will be writing alot about Mr. Walkers Presidential tour the next year + so I need a name to call it.  


PS:  I love that Mary Sue Shannon is just a lil ole homemaker and still able to give Scott Walker $110,000.   She must keep one hell of a home!   


  1. The Scott Walker Non-Residential Campaign Tour

  2. Grift and Let Die Tour

  3. the Koch Industries American Freedom & Prosperity Search for Truth Common Sense Reform Molotov Revival Tour, presented by Citizens United, with support from The Venetian Macao Resort and Casino

    (of course, this name should always be accompanied by a graphic with lots of flags and bald eagles.)

  4. What about: "The Defeat Bitter Liberals Tour."

    1. More like "The Bitter Liberals Were Right All Along Tour." Though having watched Scott Walker's tactics in the face of any real criticism in the last four years I assume it will be changed midway through to the "Not My Fault! Poor, Poor Me! Target On My Back Tour" to appeal to supporters such as yourself.

    2. Corey - who pays for you to post comments on this blog a la Darlene Wink?

  5. HGA and SmithgroupJJR both have offices in Wisconsin and are both highly regarded among their peers and past clients.... I wouldn't really consider that a truly out of state contract

  6. How about:

    The For Ultimate Corporate Kingocracy America tour. You could always abbreviate it. The F**K America Tour.

  7. Walker's: "I've Got A Secret for The American Dream Tour......... I'll tell you the secret after you elect me................Oh what the hell I'll tell you now............YOUR SCREWED!!!!

  8. Scott Walker's Presidential Scorched Earth Authority Development Tour

    Scott Walker's Scorched Earth Donor Prosperity Presidential Tour

    Scott Walker's Glitter The Unicorn Presidential Prosperity Tour

    Scott Walker's Presidential Fables, Fraud and Favors Tour

    Scott Walker's Presidential Sock Puppet Wants To Be Presidential Tour

    Scott Walker's Masters & Deception Tour

    Scott Walker's Presidential Sandbagger Tour

    (Please excuse me for this one)
    Scott Walker's God, Donor Prosperity and Human Fuckery Presidential Tour

  9. One More.

    Scott Walker's Presidential Glitter The Unicorn and Wisconsin Can Suck It Tour

  10. here's another one. not into the whole brevity thing. sorry...

    the "Not To My Knowledge/Not on My Radar" Double EP Tour, featuring Scott Walker and the Search for 250,000 Welders Willing to Work for Less Than Minimum Wage

  11. How about the "Untruth, Injustice, And Get Anyone Who Expects Better Out Of My Way Tour"?

  12. "Mental midget" tour

  13. Scott Walker's "Wisconsin- It's A Distraction" Presidential Tour

  14. Weasel Walker Wins Without Wisconsin

  15. Am I a sociopath or your governor? are never alone with a schizophrenic.

  16. What rhymes w/Koch, and I suck?

  17. Scott Walker Tour de Farce.

  18. Scott Walker pack your trash and hit the road tour.

    Every day that low life self serving lying crooked bastard is out of Wisconsin is a win.

  19. Scott Walker Fake Expectations Tour :)

  20. Scott Walker take the money and run Tour.

  21. Scott Walker's "You'll Pay, I'll Be There" Tour (for millionaires and billionaires)

    Scott Walker's "The Dopes Are Still Buying It" Tour (for clueless rubes)

    Scott Walker's "See Ya Suckers!" Tour (Wisconsin crowds)

  22. Scott Walker Truthiness Tour.

  23. The Contempt in Government Tour
    The Privatization of Everything Tour
    Wisconsinites are Suckers Tour

  24. The "Suck It, Bucky" Tour

  25. Scott Walker 'Grand Delusion' Tour

    Scott Walker 'Mission from God' Tour

    1. You're onto something, NonQ...

      Scott Walker "Grand Di$traction" Tour

  26. Scott Walker I'll say what I'm paid to say Tour.

  27. Timmy's comin' out of prison -- don't know if brian pierck can get conjugal visits.

    What tours does walker hook up with men and boys for gay sex?

    He is a homosexual and this is why he placed child molester brian at Wisconsin department of public instruction (imagine tony evers had a lot of fun with him too).

    Timmy has been walker's BFF forever -- they have shared many a wienies and buns.

  28. Scott Walker suffers from FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. This is why his eyes are so wide apart and misplaced horizonally.

    It is also why he is a sociopath. His mother is credibly reported as an alcoholic -- but don't take my word -- look at this pic:

    More here:

    Anon 5:42 has a valid point -- walker's closest associates and ones he brought with him to Madison are sex offenders -- Tim Russell could/should have been charged with Brian.

    Tim and Scott go back to Walker's Marquette days. There is not question at-to-whether-or-not these two gratified each other (which is OK if you are not hypocritical about it).

    The real question is how many priests & church officials were involved (and that is not OK because it is inherently hypocritical about it).

    Scott Walker was born deformed and mentally impaired, which has made him a perfect koch stooge. They want someone like him that will sign the bills and talk and do stoooopid things so that no one spends much time on the radical fascist agenda he promotes for others.

  29. I honestly always wondered what Walker's IQ is. He is truly dumb, not just ignorant, but literally absent of logic, truth and basic comprehension. Then I saw the picture of his parents in the paper and I realized none of them had great genes, but none of them look impaired. I see his parents drive around town in a car that has Scott Walker bumper stickers on every inch of the car. It is obnoxious, just like their son. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But then I see fetal alcohol syndrome and start researching that. Now, I think I finally understand what may be wrong with Walker. While he does have some notable features of a fetal alcohol baby, it would explain a lot about his limited cognitive ability, his strange facial tics, strange mouth shape and movement, his eye deformity and his inability to
    properly enunciate. His Mother looked strange in her photo and has acted strangely in public. I think some blogger needs to dive deep into Walker's family. There is more to this story.