Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jim Villa InAction

By Jeff Simpson 
Remember a few months back, when despite the strong opposition of the hiring committee, the University of Wisconsin hired Scott Walkers good friend, Jim Villa to be a political "strategist". Being so tight with Scott Walker, they even had to make Villa a Vice President and pay him over $200,000 taxpayer dollars a year.   

Even though Jim Villa was vastly unqualified for this job, and by hiring him it took some of the shine off our great University System, it was accepted because he could deliver results with his good friends at the Capitol.  

Now the University of Wisconsin has found out what so many others have, its not about competence its about cronyism.  

In Villa's first chance to lobby for the UW System, he delivered,  

See the important thing is that people that actually "like" Scott Walker get paid for their efforts.   It is unfortunate that we have to pay so dearly for that reward.   

Competence in work is so last administration.   

At least UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank has recognized incompetence and moved on.   When looking for help in stopping these disastrous cuts, she no longer looks to the person being paid so handsomely to do so, she is going over his head!

UW-Madison will tap influential alumni and the parents of students in a campaign to convince state legislators that Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed $300 million budget cut to the University of Wisconsin System is too much to bear.
Since he is bad at his job, let's hope at the very least, that he is as big a hit at office parties as he is at ALEC conventions and that he used his taxpayer funded healthcare to get his personal problems cleaned up


  1. Villa makes E. Howard Hunt seem like a nice guy.

  2. Here is the lesson kids... people who play by the rules don't get ahead in a GOP dominated environment. So, follow your GOP leaders - lie, cheat, steal, put your hand out and take whatever you can when you can. If anyone catches you, deny it and blame it on someone else's oversight. Get a gun just to intimidate the opposition. Don't go to work when you have self promotion to do. Put yourself above all others in the name of Jesus, knowing that you are way higher on the corporate ladder than Jesus (liberal loser). Uses Jesus's name to promote bogus beliefs, add a dash of "aw shucks" and try to appear humble. People are generally pretty dumb, and it gives you more time to lie, cheat and steal and still stay under the radar. Remember, Reagan famously said - the nice guy finishes last... so why be nice?